Using RW Blog for Apple News

Has anyone been trying to get a RW site or RW blog incorporated into the new “Apple News”? The new app on iOS-Based Devices is great at pulling together news stories like an RSS feed for all owners of iPhones, iPads, etc. I wanted to know if anyone has any tips or experience here. The Apple iCloud News Publisher guide doesn’t have helpful tips for RW. I’ve gotten my site onto Apple News and our content gets updated there, but I’m having lots of formatting issues and other questions. Any tips would be great!

Do you have a link for us to the apple news developments page you are referring too?

A link to the channel in question would be useful, also. If you’ve applied lots of inline HTML styling and formatting, Apple may well trim / adjust this when reading in your articles.

@instacks The page for our news stories is You’ll only be able to see it on an iOS device. Alternatively, you could search out “AGWA”. I think you’re right, @nikf , that HTML formatting goes out the window. I am specifically having a hard time getting my videos to show up. It always leaves them out and the text remains, or if there’s no text in that blog entry and only a video the Apple News post displays the correct title but just says “(null)” for the content. I embed my videos using snippets of HTML since it’s a RW Blog post. I can’t put any video stacks in the post so that’s the only way I know how to incorporate a video.

It’s a great service but I’d like to know how to fully take advantage of it.