I have two lots of the same meta tag? EDITED

i am trying to understand the need for Meta Tags and have various relevant words entered therein.

I have these words entered into the meta tag sections of both Settings/Code and the Page inspector.

I now find that at the top of my Pages HTML i have two separate entries for “keywords” as an example.

Is this a good thing or not ? should i only be using one method of adding Meta Tags, or is this doubling up deemed to be ok ?

Edited :- i have now been messing with an Add On for my browser called MOZ and i have to tell you that my Site got marked down because of duplicate Meta Tag entries that were put there by RW !!


Site-wide code is exactly that: site-wide. Some metatags are best added on a per-page level, so I’d suggest perhaps removing the site-wide keywords tag…

@nikf thanks Nik, i simply thought that it wasnt good practice to have two entries in the HTML listing for the same type of Meta Tag !!! thats all. it certainly looked as if the tool bar addon from MOZ didnt like it.