New Theme - Introducing Earthquake

Excluding a few custom themes I’ve built for private individual clients, Earthquake is quite possibly by-far the most sophisticated RapidWeaver theme I’ve ever developed. I wasn’t sure if Earthquake might have been too ambitious from the outset and the idea of shelving the theme had been considered on more than one occasion! But I persevered and I think you’ll agree the completed theme is a staggering achievement, which really breaks the mould of RapidWeaver theme design. A perfect synergy between design and structure.

Let me start by saying that this theme design has over 55 groups of style and colour settings! The emphasis of Earthquake is on presenting blocks of content within slanting (angled) containers on the page. This gives Earthquake a quirky and distinctive appearance, but again there are enough customisable settings in this theme to “make it look like your own”. Earthquake is ideal for e-commerce websites, online campaigns, festivals, business sites, marketing and advertising. The theme is optimised for RapidCart Pro and WeaverPix too.

One of the main objectives with this theme was to create a design which purposefully has loads of style options. Therefore potential users can utilise the theme as a robust framework. Despite boasting such a massive feature set, you should find the theme is extremely fast (both within RapidWeaver and on published websites). The optional slanting containers are all formed with pure CSS; instead of slow and difficult-to-edit graphics, which would otherwise seriously handicap the flexibility of this theme design.

Earthquake is a conventional RapidWeaver theme. Logical ordering of style and colour settings makes theme modification super-simple. Built-in support for the Bootstrap 4 web development framework, Font Awesome icons, jQuery 2, the opensource Nivo Lightbox, retina display optimised images and responsive video combine to give you an immensely powerful theme to work with. The banner region above the page fold is FreeStyle enabled; making it suitable for static images, sliders or even video.

Earthquake is available to purchase from the ThemeFlood website. As always, a free demo version of the theme is provided for download, so you can install the theme into RapidWeaver and play around with all the available options. Earthquake requires RapidWeaver 5.4 or later, and works great with 6.3 and 7.0.

Earthquake product page
Example of a website published with Earthquake


Sounds like a great theme, with tons of new possibilities to discover and try. I think I will use it in my next project. Thanks, @willwood, your products and support are amazing. I can always count on you…

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Immediate purchase… thanks !

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So many EC area that there is no excuse not to have complete customizability of this Theme… Awesome Job!


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Thanks for the feedback!

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Thanks for your feedback. Yes I would agree the theme has got a phenomenal number of features and easily beats any blank canvas solution. A very strong theme to work with, which can be quickly customised to ‘look like your own’. As you say, all the heavy lifting and complicated testing has been done.

Looking forward to having you buy a copy and of course happy to answer any and all questions you have.

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Will provides the FREE fontstack which supports Google fonts here:

I love what Will says on that page about the stack being free because Google Fonts are free (meant to be free).

Well worth a donation I’d say - its a great stack.

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Alongside FontStack, there is also a detailed chapter in the knowledgebase all about embedded font integration.