Video file not found

Hey guys,
just got some ticket requests my Video player Stack isn’t working anymore.
I am pretty sure it worked a few weeks ago as I tested all my stacks…

This happens:

  • Drag and drop my bigbuckbunny.m4v video file onto the resources part of RW.
  • Setting my file link of my Stack to that resource

Result: No video is playing
Expected behaviour: Video is playing

This gives the inspector:
<video class="video" width=" 150 " height=" auto " x-webkit-airplay="allow"> <source src="" type="video/webm"> <source src="" type="video/ogg"> <source src="resources/trailer_iphone.m4v" type="video/mp4"> <source src="" type="video/mp4"> </video>

clicking onto the video file in the inspector brings me this:

Any ideas?

Cheers Maik

did you test with Stacks 3.1 with the latest jQuery?

Stacks is 3.1
I am not sure whether jQuery would break the resource from being available???

Sorry, jQuery is just the one big change from Stacks 3.0 and Stacks 3.1 – so it’s the first thing I suggest.

I think it would be helpful to have specific information about the the problem:

  • How are you using the resource?
  • What do you expect that path to the resource should be?
  • What is the actual path to the resource?
  • Does this work in Stacks 3.0 (vs. the current 3.1)?
  • Does this work in RapidWeaver 6 (vs. RW7)?


@dan it seems the video file during preview is only an alias to the main video file which lies in the .rw file.
It seems somehow the video cannot be played then. Could someone please help me?

If I export the pages it works all fine…

@dan & @simon:
This bug is oddly intermittent and very temperamental but I have been able to reproduce it after spending quite a bit of time trying various things. I suspect there is a race condition here – so I would guess that even though this procedure works 100% of the time for me, it may not work on every machine – but it’s a good starting place.

  1. Launch RapidWeaver
  2. New Project
  3. New Styled Text page.
  4. Drag an image into the Resources area of the sidebar.
  5. Click on the resource.
    note that at this point the resource seems fine in every way showing its image preview appropriately.
  6. Click Copy Macro
  7. Switch back to the Styled Text page.
  8. Add some content to show off the image. I used <img src='%resource(GpWZtCn.gif)%'> and did a Cmd-V to paste in the macro contents in the src section of the tag.
  9. Preview the page by by typing Cmd-R
    note at this point the preview is fine and everything seems A-OK.
  10. Cmd-R again to leave preview
  11. Cmd-P to open a browser preview.
    Now the page is broken
    The image shows the missing image ? and shows now content.
  12. Back in RapidWeaver click on the resource in the sidebar.
    Now the resource is broken
    The resource shows a blank icon instead of the expected image preview.
  13. Choose Show Server Logs from the View menu. With Terminal or your favorite ninja skillz open a Finder window to the listed path. Look inside the resources folder.
    At this point sometimes i find file and sometimes i don’t. When I do find a file, it’s a link/alias. And attempting to quick look it generates the “This is a broken alias would you like to fix it” dialog.

I know this is a long an involved procedure. I’m sorry I couldn’t find a way to simplify it and still make the bug come to light. If you are unable to make it happen, let me know, I seem to have a pretty solid procedure down for my machine, I can run through it and gather data for you if needed.



We’re looking at these issues at the moment - for the video issue described above: I’ve managed to replicate it, and I’m fairly certain I know where the issue is coming from (it’s inside RapidWeaver).

@isaiah: yours seems like a different issue. First of all, can you confirm that you’ve got Smart Quotes disabled or that you’ve selected all text and chosen Format -> Clear Smart Quotes? If you’ve done that, could you send me a project file to look at please? From your description, it sounds like some other things are happening here too…

@simon – please read the report again. I believe that question is well answered. :wink:

Note that the first time I preview the page it works fine. (step 9)
And also that the resource display itself is broken (step 12)
And that the file is missing/broken (step 13)

All of these things indicate that it has nothing to do with the code i entered (which is why i included them).


@simon – saving the file and re-opening changes the behavior – which is why included the step by step.

It’s better to confirm this before we spend hours investigating… :slight_smile:

Could you share the output of lsof -c ScopedBoo please?

sure. no idea what this means, but here you go.

if you’d be kind to inform a n00b how this info is useful – i’d be happy to do this step myself before reporting bugs:

:~ % lsof -c ScopedBoo
ScopedBoo 753  iac  cwd      DIR    1,1      1190        2 /
ScopedBoo 753  iac  txt      REG    1,1     49104 38179727 /System/Library/CoreServices/ScopedBookmarkAgent
ScopedBoo 753  iac  txt      REG    1,1     50744 83862674 /private/var/db/mds/system/mdsDirectory.db
ScopedBoo 753  iac  txt      REG    1,1     32768 83862675 /private/var/db/mds/messages/se_SecurityMessages
ScopedBoo 753  iac  txt      REG    1,1     53744 53252683 /Library/Keychains/System.keychain
ScopedBoo 753  iac  txt      REG    1,1    378160 38207085 /System/Library/Frameworks/Security.framework/Versions/A/PlugIns/csparser.bundle/Contents/MacOS/csparser
ScopedBoo 753  iac  txt      REG    1,1  26284240 38238410 /usr/share/icu/icudt55l.dat
ScopedBoo 753  iac  txt      REG    1,1    428344 38209774 /System/Library/Keychains/SystemRootCertificates.keychain
ScopedBoo 753  iac  txt      REG    1,1    662604 87912337 /Users/iac/Library/Keychains/login.keychain
ScopedBoo 753  iac  txt      REG    1,1    642448 38239474 /usr/lib/dyld
ScopedBoo 753  iac  txt      REG    1,1 560055376 44180205 /private/var/db/dyld/dyld_shared_cache_x86_64
ScopedBoo 753  iac    0r     CHR    3,2       0t0      331 /dev/null
ScopedBoo 753  iac    1u     CHR    3,2       0t0      331 /dev/null
ScopedBoo 753  iac    2u     CHR    3,2       0t0      331 /dev/null
ScopedBoo 753  iac    3u  KQUEUE                           count=2, state=0x12
ScopedBoo 753  iac    4r     DIR    1,1        68 82067398 /Users/iac/Desktop/
ScopedBoo 753  iac    5r     DIR    1,1        68 88521840 /Users/iac/Desktop/
ScopedBoo 753  iac    6r     DIR    1,1        68 88521840 /Users/iac/Desktop/
ScopedBoo 753  iac    7r     DIR    1,1        68 88523194 /Users/iac/Desktop/
ScopedBoo 753  iac    8r     DIR    1,1        68 88523194 /Users/iac/Desktop/
ScopedBoo 753  iac    9r     DIR    1,1        68 88731846 /Users/iac/Desktop/
ScopedBoo 753  iac   10r     DIR    1,1        68 88731846 /Users/iac/Desktop/
ScopedBoo 753  iac   11r     DIR    1,1        68 88734797 /Users/iac/Desktop/
ScopedBoo 753  iac   12r     DIR    1,1        68 88734797 /Users/iac/Desktop/
ScopedBoo 753  iac   13r     DIR    1,1       204 88737672 /Users/iac/Desktop/

@tpbradley suspects that it’s related to the issue he was speaking with you about recently (where a bug in OS X is causing some scoped bookmarks to never be released).
Have you rebooted since seeing the issue? Does it happen now? (I’d suspect that it doesn’t, looking at that output)

Going back to the issue raised by @barz-stacks, we think it’s because RapidWeaver’s web server doesn’t support ranged HTTP requests right now. I think we’ve got everything we need to fix that one.

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I have not rebooted. and if I perform the steps I listed the same thing still happens.

@simon: since there’s some doubt as to whether this even happens or not – i made a movie. it shows me doing the bookmarks command. then following the above procedure.

it behaves exactly as reported:

the preview starts working, then fails, then the resource is broken and the preview folder shows no file.

also worth mentioning: as usual when making a movie i kept forgetting to do various things – so i restarted 3 times. each time the behavior was identical. following this procedure the bug is 100% repeatable for me.

Thanks for the detail - it does help, even if it sounds daft :slight_smile:

Could you send me the project file too?


@simon are making progress or do you need any more infos?

@barz-stacks: nope, I think we’ve got everything we need for this one - thanks. I can’t say whether @tpbradley will have it done in time for 7.0.2 but I know it’s definitely being worked on.

Ok, thank you. Then I can tell my customers already something. By the way, is there a workaround at the moment?

I’ve heard from a number of different developers who seem to be getting support email about this one. Seems pretty widespread. might be worth considering holding the next release to make sure this gets in.

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