HTLM5 Stack question about resizing the player

Hi there.

Just purchased Joe Workman’s HTLM5 Video stack - and it seems to be working well.

Is there a way I can have the video player enlarge when the video clip is selected - and perhaps blur the background when it does this?

I can’t seem to find any settings within the stack settings for this…



Sounds like you want the video to appear in a modal box (lightbox). There are a ton of them. Search the community page:
Search for Modal or Lightbox.

Also look at Limelight by Big White Duck, which is a free stack:

Once again - you have come to the rescue zeebe! :grinning: :+1:

Is there any advantage/disadvantage to using a paid stack vs. a free stack?



As long as you donate, Limelight is Great. Donation helps to keep these stacks available…

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No the free stack will work just as well if not better than some of the paid ones out there. Limelight is the one I use or would use if I were making sites. Yes, you can donated to BWD, but it is not a necessity.

Thanks everyone for your help - much appreciated.

Will start with Limelight… and see what happens… :grinning::+1:



So - playing with Limelight tonight and with my limited exposure to this - it would appear that I will always have to have an external button or way to trigger the video… correct?

Also - if I am trying to place a collection of say 12 videos in a 3 x 4 grid - it doesn’t seem to allow me to do this with Limelight - though I may be missing something…

My final objective would be to have the videos in a grid pattern - with a brief note for each - and have each video clip enlarge when played…

Will sleep on this tonight - and start fresh tomorrow - as I may be missing something obvious right now…



A grid? This is exactly what Velvet Video does - - if you’re bringing in video from YouTube or Vimeo. It doesn’t work with self-hosted videos.


Making a grid is no hard, and you can use an image as a button, so take a screenshot of the video and use that as your button. Then make a grid 3x4 of these images and link them to the videos. Sure Velvet Video might do that, but this is the more economical way (if that is of any interest to you) and gives you more control of layout etc.

Thanks again for all of your guidance with this…:+1:

I’m learning that there are 2 main ways to host videos.

One of them is to have them on your server as a resource - the other is to link to them using YouTube or Vimeo as the host.

Is there a benefit using one method over the other?



Unless your video is super short (e.g. 20 seconds or less) then it’s typically crazy to host yourself. YouTube and Vimeo do great jobs of optimizing the playback experience for users.

I prefer Vimeo over YT, but both are very good services.

Right after I posted my last question - I went back in and found the answer to my problem.

I was trying to turn on video controls and for some reason couldn’t find it in Limelight.

Not sure why - because I’ve been trying to figure this out for a few hours.

As soon I as posted the question - I went back for another look - and there it was…

Problem solved…


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