Video player won't show controls when published

Hello, I am using Joe Workman’s HTML5 Video stack. When I preview it, I can see the video player controls. When I publish it, the controls are no longer there. On Joe’s site, they have a solution of changing the file option from SVG to PNG. That doesn’t solve it. In looking at the debugger console I see that it is trying to find the files, but is getting an error 404, file not found. The images are there, but for some reason Rapidweaver isn’t seeing them?

Anyone have any thoughts?


Can you republish all files?


Yes, I’ve republished all files and looked on my domain. The files are there, they just aren’t being “seen” or they are somehow being bypassed.

A few other notes:
This is the actual error message: Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)

I am getting this error message for two other files:

  1. My URL with “/0” at the end
  2. My URL with /

I’m checking Google Analytics to see if I can track this down.

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