Vintage Stacks Quandary

I am just coming back to RapidWeaver after some years’ break.
I am using RW 8.8.1 using Rosetta on an M1 Mac mini with OS 11.2.3 (Big Sur). I have found that Rosetta is necessary for non-Universal plugins like PlusKit and Accordion.

But I have run into a brick wall when trying to install my existing stacks. I have a prodigious array of stacks — I am dismayed at what a spendthrift I was — and I find that their ‘Dates Created’ are mostly between 2012 and 2015. (Can stacks be “vintage”?)

When I double-click to install them, I get the reassuring dialog telling me “The stack was installed successfully.” But of course they haven’t been. Upon some further fossicking around, I see that my double-clicking has “installed” them in
</Users/myhomefolder/Library/Application Support/RapidWeaver/Stacks/>
I am guessing that this is where a previous version of RW used for stacks, because the current RW seems to have no interest in this location.

This brings up a couple of questions:
Do all my “vintage” stacks need to be updated to be useful?
Or…Would it be worth trying to manually install them by copying them to what appears to be the current default home for stacks:
</Users/myhomefolder/Library/Group Containers/ Support/Addons/Plugins>
…or would this be just wasted effort?

I am hopeful of finding an elegant (easy) answer to this quandary as I have soooo many of these old stacks from many different developers.

Just drag them on the RW icon to install them. This way they should be placed in the correct folder

stack files don’t know themselves where they have to be installed. The RW application, which is associated with double clicking on the stack file, is installing them.

Do you have RW7 also installed on the M1 Mac Mini?

In order to let RW work properly I’d suggest you update your vintage stacks and go for the most recent versions. A lot has happened in the last 4 or 5 years.

That’s curious — that “the stack files don’t know where they have to be installed”… because I only have RW 8 on my Mac mini. The legacy folder must have come over from my old iMac with Migration Assistant, but no RW 7. I can’t imagine what “told” the double-clicked stacks to go there.

But I’ve since learned (been told by Jan) that I can install stacks into RW 8’s Addons folder by simple dragging them onto RW. I’ve yet to see how many of them work or if that causes any problems.

I’m sure I will need to get updates of many of them.

Thanks everyone for all the help and suggestions.

I finally discovered why double-clicking stacks were plopping them into the outdated location:
</Users/myhomefolder/Library/Application Support/RapidWeaver/Stacks/>

It was that I still had on my Mac mini copies of Yourhead’s
Getting rid of that solved the problem. Double-clicked stacks are now going where the should!


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