VOIP SIP Mac Client?

I’m quite new to this, so bear with me!

I’m using a VOIP number for a little project. The supplier of the number has a preferred Mac app, but it doesn’t work! So I’m looking for alternatives.

I’ve tried Telephone from the App store, but it’s flakey and crashes when a call comes in while the computer is asleep, so I’m looking for recommendations.

If at all poss I’d like one that will take a message if the call isn’t answered, also if poss one that will revert to the voice message when the computer is sleeping.

I also have an M1 Mini that is “always-on” so if needed I can install the app on that machine, so it never sleeps, but will then need the voicemail service.

I did try some from the App store on the M1, but none worked!


Give iSoftphone a shot

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