Wall stack Facebook part is NOT working

The wall stack facebook posts are not showing up thus not working. Both on my site and on Yuzoolthemes demo wall site. I tried using their Facebook key as instructed and my own keys. I tried contacting yuzool via their online faq help section but I have yet to hear a response. Can anyone please help?

Have an URL?

catholicnetcast.com is the url.

I don’t have Wall Stack or use Facebook for anything, but FB changed earlier this month.

Might have a look at this post:

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Thanks, but the wall stack doesn’t have updated documents on how to add an app on Facebook. There prior instructions do not work

You will need a Facebook developer account (free) and then add permission for your app to access a sites public feed. It’s a real PIA!

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Wow, I don’t think I have a clue how to do that. Do you know where I can find a step by step on this thing?

Might have a look at this stuff from FB

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Thank you that was helpful. When I create a facebook app it asks me to choose a product none of which appears to be similar to what I intent to use the facebook app for, which is to use it for the social media wall page on my website. I was able to get an app id and secret code but when I plug them in nothing happens. Any ideas?

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