Wat dis?, please


Started appearing on update. Is there network traffic? What is “history”? Where are “sessions” at?

This seems like something for @dan to look at.

Same here. Is there somebody who can explain what happened?

Hey guys,

Those messages about history and sessions are quite normal and due to a recent change in macOS. Simply opening up a terminal window and typing exit will display them.

But you shouldn’t be seeing a terminal window at all. How do you start RapidWeaver and when do you see this?


Saw this terminal window after a crash of RapidWeaver. Never saw sth like this before

Yea same. Also during add-on updates. Can someone answer this like I am not a 3 year old? I’m CISSP so I can handle it. I made very specific questions on my initial post. Would love to hear from @dan too and hopefully @isaiah .

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As far as I know this is standard system stuff, and not something we’re doing in RapidWeaver.

Hope that helps.

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