Looking for stack to tidy up the "edit" section

hallo rapidweaver pundits, somewhere in the back of my distorted mind i remember that someone developed a stack to tdy up “edit”. let me explain: let’s say you have a page with quite some pictures in an stack., then you add a couple of terxt stacks and a map and, and, and. the edit section gets very, very long and you have to scroll to no end. some stacks (by @joeworkman i.e.) give you the option to “close” the stack so that only the first image shows up. unfortunately not all stack devs do that. now i seem to remember that some bloke came up with a clever stack that allows you to stash away all of those loooooong stacks into a neat package but still have them show in “preview” and “publishing”, a feature which “locker” by @joeworkman does not allow.
anybody heard of such a stack or is it just a figment of my rather fertile imagination? thanks and cheers,


You know that you can hide any stack in edit mode with the “eye” menu button in stacks.

thanx joe, you saved my day! (once again :slight_smile: )

hi flinke grafiker, as jow is pointing out below _ isn’t my problem solved with the “eye” button in stack 3?

Defligra’s Backpacker stack was released before the ‘eye’ materialised in Stacks. It’s also many times more resourceful than the ‘eye’. Close ten stacks with the ‘eye’, do you know which stack is which? Backpacker does.

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hey marten, i went on your site and was convinced. already bought it!
cheers, tomas

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