Thanks to Will Woodgate

(Pedro Perdomo M.) #1

Just a few lines to express my gratitude to Will Woodgate. I recently found an issue not directly related to any of their themes or stacks. However, Will showed, once again, not only his knowledge as a developer to but also his kindness and generosity.


(Peter Danckwerts) #2

Yes, he’s very helpful and produces some very good stuff.

(Mark Sealey) #3

+1 for that. Thanks, Will - you’re someone who gives this whole enterprise such a good name :slight_smile:

(Garth Poon) #4

+1 Will is amaaaaaaazing!

(tomas nittner) #5

have to chime in on that: 1a+ great for will woodgate!
greetings, tomas

(Will Woodgate) #6

Much appreciated, many thanks for all the feedback! :smiley:


I agree too, awesome service & themes and stacks !

(Michael Frankland) #8

Yep - Ciders on me if I ever get down to Plymouth

(Will’s excellent theme SDK got me into theme development for RapidWeaver… thanks Will! :slight_smile: )

(Barrie McDermid) #9

Not as high profile as some, but a very helpful, capable guy.

His themes are the best out there in my view: they are solid, feature rich and support older browsers.

Go team Will!


Just a quick note to say that Will Woodgate continues to provide brilliant customer service. I emailed him earlier today with a question about the very capable Player stack with a feature I would like to see enabled and within a few hours an updated stack was released.

(Kunstmaler) #11

I’ve had only good experiences with him… Thank you for the good work.

(Greg Schneck) #12

I too applaud Will Woodgate and his products. Top rated support too! On a scale of 1 to 10 I give a 20!

(Frances Moss) #13

Will’s customer service is excellent. I also really appreciate that I am able to try his themes and stacks before purchase. Thanks, Will!

(Greg Schneck) #14

Yes… I don’t purchase a lot of themes but when I do I always go there first so I can actually TRY the theme, click the buttons, adjust the colors, see it work… I have purchased at least two themes elsewhere and then not used them because something wasn’t as I thought. Nothing is better than having theme in hand to try and see how it actually works.

( #15

From me too, thank you very much for all your professional help :slight_smile:

(Greg Schneck) #16

As a user of Wills’ Stacks4Stacks, and since he replied to my support request same day with clear, concise, and helpful answers, I recently made use of This Page

(Jody Joy) #17

I would also like to chime in and express my gratitude for Will. He is a scholar and a gentleman who has very generously provided detailed explanations to help me understand when I had questions. His stacks are excellent and very well done, many of them are free. His public profile is low key but you can always count on him being there when needed to offer assistance with clarity and speed. I encourage anyone who uses his free stacks to make a donation, his support and work are well worth it.

(Henry Halem) #18

I too would like to extend a thank you to Will and thank him for his generosity. I had a few old stacks that no longer worked and I liked them. Found out that he had taken over those stacks. Wrote to him and asked if they were going to be upgraded. Was told that they had been and that I had missed the deal offered by him to upgrade. In his kindness Will extended a deal I couldn’t refuse. Free if you will. What a guy. Thanks Will.

(Lisa Sandler) #19

@willwood has the best support for his products… actually he goes above and beyond. I use a modified version of his Volcano theme (he modified it for me) and most of his stacks. As a non-programmer, I could not have built my website without him. He has taught me everything, to the point I am able to understand some code and make adjustments based on his expert knowledge. I would recommend anything by him:,, to name a few.

(Peter Danckwerts) #20

I agree with all these plaudits for Will Woodgate. He has been developing for RW for a very long time and has produced great themes and stacks and offered great support.