A BIG Thank you to Will Woodgate

For the last 6 years or so, I have been using @willwood’s themes and stacks. Particularly, he customized his https://themeflood.com/volcano/ theme for me many times over the years. He also modified and built stacks based on my requests. It is to be noted that before working with Will, I had no clue about websites or code. Now I can Google or ask for help here and know how to do things.

Will goes above and beyond in support for his products, and when it was really above and beyond, I paid him for his help. His rates are very reasonable and well worth it.

I am still using his stacks, but I have learned enough to get https://foundationstacks.com from @joeworkman and get started in a matter of minutes because of everything Will taught me.

I actually feel sad that I am not using his theme anymore, but he can be a proud teacher, knowing he is the person who got me here :slight_smile:

If you’re new to Rapidweaver or Stacks, I’d suggest purchasing one of his themes to start with (https://themeflood.com), along with http://www.yourhead.com/stacks. @willwood also offers great stacks through https://stacks4stacks.com, https://rwextras.com, https://seydesign.com, and if I’m missing anything, please feel free to add… It’s a great way to learn how to build.

This forum is also great for getting help.

Shout out to @joeworkman for getting me going on Foundation, and a new vendor to me, https://www.bigwhiteduck.com @tav. I still have some things to clean up, but it’s going well: http://lisasandlerphotography.com. If you want to see what developers and stacks I am using, go to the footer on any page.

thanks, Will :slight_smile:


I am wholeheartedly with you on that, Lisa! So far, my experiences with Will’s products and support were amazing (I am also using the modified Volcano theme and lots of Will’s stacks – many of them available free of charge)…

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Yes! as @Rovertek mentions. many of @willwood’s stacks are free, and if not, come with a demo version so you can try before you buy!

Hi Lisa, I totally agree with you. I have been using also stuff of Will, support is great!! Also superb advise from him, I have learn a lot of Will. Thanks @willwood, you are a great guy!!

He have customise also a few things for me on my Boutique theme. Now I’m on Foundry but I have still a site online done with theme and stack’s of Will.

Me too I recommend 100% to go for @willwood themes and stacks if you aren’t using Foundry or Foundation, nevertheless stacks of Will still working great on both.

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Will also has rapid search:


might i join in the praise of @willwood?
cheers to him, tomas

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I’d very much like to add my praise for @willwood who, as others have said, never fails to give great advice and guidance - nothing is too much trouble. A real gem, and my grateful thanks for all of the help he has given me too.

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Thank you all for the very positive feedback! Much appreciated as always.

There’s lots of exciting new addons and updates in the pipeline - CalcStack, ProGallery 2, some nice free stacks and plenty of theme updates. And some top secret projects to ‘wow’ you! It’s going to be a busy couple of months ahead.

As always, if you do have feature requests for any of my existing addons (or the former seyDesign / Nimblehost ones), feel free to let me know by email. Likewise if you have ideas for new themes or stacks, I’m always excited to see them.


Dare I suggest Will’s blank theme as an alternative to Foundation?


Hey, @Bazza,
I think you may very well dare. The philosophy behind ‘Blank’ theme is the same as behind ‘Foundation’ or ‘Foundry’. And the possibilities in designing a website with ‘Blank’ theme are at least as extensive as with other blank frameworks.