WeatherEmbed stack by Stacks4Stacks

(Guy Woodland) #1

I am looking at WeatherEmbed by Stacks4Stacks. Is it possible to change the colours of the graphics and text? @willwood

(Rob Beattie) #2

You can change the colour of the bars from inside Settings.

Joe’s also got a weather stack -

And Cris has one here -

(Rob D) #3

Sure, you can change the color of graphics. Here’s how I have it set up on my family site:

And WeatherEmbed is free of charge…

(Guy Woodland) #4

Thanks @Rovertek I can change the background but I need the text to be a light grey rather than black?

(Rob D) #5

Will is a very helpful guy. If you ask him for some specific CSS code, I’m sure he’ll be happy to accommodate you.

BTW, he’s got tons of free stacks, but I always encourage everyone to make some donation. All his free stacks are well worth it.