3rd-party addons not compatibele with RW*

Years ago I built a website in RW6 with a lot of help from HenkVrieselaar. Meanwhile Henk has stopped and I have upgraded to RW8, unfortunately some addons no longer work together in RW8, e.g. HV-Foton slideshow and Liquid gallery, so 3rd-party addons. Is this recognizable to someone and / or does someone have advice to redesign my site?
see www.robkempers.nl

I’m not familiar with either of those add-ons. It may help us offer suggestions if you could explain what each one does or adds to RW.

I’m guessing they are some sort of slideshow and gallery. If so, you could easily create the gallery pages with Stacks (from YourHead) and any one of the great gallery stacks that can then be used. While they won’t look identical, they’ll offer similar functionality (and more) and look more current.

Search Google for “rapidweaver gallery stack” and explore the different ones available.

Will at ThemeFlood (Stacks4stacks) took over Henk’s themes in 2017 and continues to develop/support them. Perhaps contact Will, he’s terrific in his time, assistance and support of his products and the RW community. https://themeflood.com

For my project photography website (see www.robkempers.nl) I used RW6 with HV-Foton slide show images, click on Start of Fotoreizen or Gallery for what HV-Foton does. LiquidGallery as lightbox and liquid Colums and Text speak for themselves.And Extra content as stack.

Foton says that it’s had several free updates – including GDPR support, which is pretty recent. You may just need to contact Will to get the latest version?

I think the problem is that @Robk is asking for something called ‘HV Photon Slideshow Image Stack’ which myself and nobody else has heard of or been able to locate. We have already discussed this off the forum.

It was suggested a few weeks back that a request was put out on these forums for advice on what this stack was, in the hope someone can provide a copy.

The Foton theme has had many updates and the latest version is available to buy here: https://themeflood.com/foton/

There is no ‘HV Photon’ addon by that name. Only a Foton theme, the link to which is above.

The altest version of Liquid Gallery is here: https://rwextras.com/liquidgallery/

In case it helps trigger anyone’s memory, It looks like it was Tsooj Media stack

<meta class="stacks3 stack version" id="net.tsooj.stacks.HV_Foton_Slideshow_Images" name="HV Foton Slideshow Images" content="1.0.0">

Excuse for the confusion, HV-Foton slideshow image is a THEME
I understand from the forum that theme Flood and the new Liquid gallery is a good choice to rebuild my website ?

The old Henk Vrieselaar Foton theme is now themeflood foton(link above). Liquid Gallery stack is still available from the links above as well. Both should work with RW8.

So if you want to update the old addons you are currently using to current releases, they should work with RW8 and give you the same look and feel of the current site.

It looks like there was also a stack. That meta info is from your site and shows there was a stack with the name “HV_Foton_Slideshow_Images”.

Finally I managed to convert my website built in RW6 to RW8.
Thanks to everyone !
In MacOS Catalina, RW 8, ThemeFlood (Foton) ExtraContent, Text, Liquid Gallery and Dragged And Drop Image.
Here and there, there still needs to be fine tuning because on a smartphone it is not running smoothly, at least not on my Iphone 7.
Are there any suggestions that could contribute to an improvement?

Try this link: https://www.themeflood.com/henks-themes/

Try clearing the cache on Safari on your iPhone if it looks a bit different to RW preview at that size