Website Accessibility: Voice to Text Recognition

One of the software training sites I frequent regularly is Lynda.Com. Something notable about this site is how they have text that word for word matches what the speaker is saying.

The fidelity of the transcription is amazing. At no point does the speaker have to pause to instruct the stenographer that they have come to the end of a sentence or need a comma. The speaker just talks and the text shows up with an exact match for colloquialisms and speech patterns.

All of the text is available on the screen as a written report. You can read ahead or you can read as the author speaks. The text turns yellow to show what word the speaker is saying as they enunciate each word.

Can anybody recommend where to get to this kind of speech - text recognition software?
Or would this actually be video software rather than website software?

That’s for video. Screen readers for visual impaired users do kinda the opposite. They take the text on your site and “speak” it.

Keep in mind that it needs to be text not graphics(images of text) or the images need alternative text.

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