Website Address with Multiple publish locations

I have started testing a new setup where my project for has 2 publishing locations. One for production and another for a testing subdomain.

Here is how I have the project website address configured.

I would expect that when I published to my Test server, that would be used throughout the site. That is not the case. The primary domain is used instead.

Is this how things should work?

Just incase its overlooked, I should probably mention @dan and @tpbradley

RW only knows your site URL from the General Settings, so it’ll use whatever’s in there…

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Then what is the purpose of the website address inside of the publish settings?

Hey @joeworkman,

It always used to be the case that the website address set in General Settings would be used throughout the site. However, if a website address is entered in the publishing settings, it’ll override the one in general settings. This is a more recent addition that I’m not sure Dan’s aware of.

I’ve just run a simple test and it’s working here. This is a diff of a simple markdown page with an image resource. You can see that the url to the image resource is different depending on which publishing destination is chosen.

Have a look at social tags. The domain for the URL tags is good but the domain in the image URLs is not correct. vs

I tested the %base_url% macro and that seems to be working properly.

However, the %baseURL% macro in Stacks does not work. I don’t know what API @Isaiah is calling to get that information. Maybe he can chime in.

Also if someone has Tidy Website Links enabled, shouldn’t the URL meta tags not have index.php?

Also should whatever the active selected publishing method is, also affect the output of preview? Makes sense if it did…

Did this get fixed in the release version?

Sorry @joeworkman, I didn’t get any notifications so didn’t know you’d replied.

I’ve replicated the problem here, seems only to affect the links in social tags. I’ll get a fix in :wink:

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Fix is in 8.2.1:partying_face:


Looks like @Isaiah fix his end in 4.0 last week! We are good to go!

i should back-port that to Stacks 3 too.

maybe time to spend the weekend and do a full round of 8.2 updates.

i need to pick up this and all the other little things too. i think 8.2 broke every loghound plugin and there are a few that i haven’t gotten to yet.