Website broken after upload

My extensive website looks absolutely fine in preview-mode in RapidWeaver (see image attached), but when uploaded to the web server, it’s broken:

I have tried exporting the site to a folder locally, then upload with two different FTP Programs, no luck, same result. The project was started in RW5, so I used 5.4 and the project prior to changes, no luck, same result.

Does anyone have any ideas what in the world this could be??

Thank you SO much,

For the sake of clarity when I checked your site in Chrome the online menus are broken and all the images look as though the Jpeg image files are highly corrupted. When I checked in Safari it couldn’t even reach the site but perhaps you were making changes. What are you seeing?

OK I’ve checked again in Safari and the menu looks fine but the images are all wrong. To me this looks like some sort of file corruption.


Definitely some image corruption during upload. Try reducing the number of concurrent file connections in RapidWeaver Preferences.

Republish entire site and see if any difference.


Thank you, both of you.

@ashleykaryl: it’s not just the images, affects other files too, the entire structure is messed-up (look at subsequent pages).

@ Brad: will try this out now

Is it possible there is a problem with your internet connection that is interrupting the upload process and causing problems? That might well explain the appearance file corruption. It might be worth checking on the localhost using something like MAMP.


More of your images are coming through just fine now, there is still some images that are garbled.

Other than that all seems to be navigating fine in Safari 9.0.3

The ‘In Action’ page content is not centred to match the rest of your site.

Before you re-published your entire site, did you mark all pages changed so RapidWeaver knows to actually upload everything including styles, theme resources, etc…?

I didn’t use version 5 so not sure where else to lead you other than did you choose Compress CSS files? Turn that off for sure as it causes issues with plug-in and stacks sometimes.

You could also try turning off Smart Publishing and see if that helps.

Outta ideas otherwise, sorry.


Also found this forum thread that may be of interest.


Thank you guys. You are awesome!!

So limiting the ftp upload to one concurrent connection has helped some - result online now.

The wired thing is that it started happening out of nowhere. Literally. The night before a complete re-publish of the site went well, no change, no updates, and since yesterday this is what happens.

Thank you for the tip about the internet connection. I will try to upload it from a different line. COULD also be that the provider is having issues. But I sure hope not, as this is always difficult to “prove”.

I will post again…

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Ok, so here’s the scoop:

Using a different internet connection while limiting simultaneous connections to 1 worked. Our site is back :smile:

I’m still wondering, if the hosting company doesn’t have something to do with it, since I never had this issue before - ever.

Hopefully this thread will be helpful to some folks…

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Glad you’re back up and running! I would contact your host, perhaps you are only allowed so many connections for your account credentials and perhaps the server has not released past connections. This has been the case for many weavers. The solution has been to contact Host and have them reset your connections or do it yourself through cPanel if able.

Just throwing that out there.
Brad :slight_smile:

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