Rapidweaver 7 problem with Chrome

Hi, I just upgraded to Rapidweaver 7 from 5.
I noticed a weird problem going on.
Sometimes when I upload my site, when it’s finished, my entire website looks different.
All the menu links become blue and Times New Roman (while normally I have a different font and colour).
And the image that is seen at the top of my site is suddenly visible as background image all over the page. It doesn’t stay just on top where it’s supposed to be.
It just looks like a whole basic website instead of a cool one.

There’s no other way for me to change all this than to retrieve an old backup.
Luckily I just made a backup otherwise I think my whole website was lost.

Any idea what this could be? Thanks!

Did you try clearing your browser Cache? In Chrome goto Chrome>Clear Browser data(shift+cmd+backspace).

It’s not about the browser - it also looks like this in Rapidweaver Preview mode…

You said:

and you also said:

So… which is it? Does the problem only happen after publishing? Or does it occur even if you don’t publish – right in Preview mode?

If Preview looks different than Publish then the simple answer is to try forcing an upload of everthing. Here’s how:

If Preview and Publish both look the same – and are both messed up – then the problem is something more insideous. And it could be anything – but you mentioned that menus and such looked generic. That sounds like it might be your theme. I would try (temporarily) changing to another theme to see if it changes the symptoms at all.

If changing the theme helps, then perhaps your theme needs to be updated for RW 7. You should check with the theme designer to see if they have a new version.

If that still doesn’t help, then I think we probably don’t have enough info to give you too much more advice. Probably beyond those generic sorts of fixes you’ll need to share your RW project with the RealMac support folks and let an expert have a look.


Hi Isaiah,

I think the problem also occurs when I don’t publish, right in Preview mode.
(It happened only 3 times so far so can’t easily reproduce it).

In all cases, Preview and Publish look the same, and are both messed up.
Right now it’s good again because I made a backup and put it back. When it happens again I’ll try switching themes.
Good idea to check with the theme designer (BLT themes) for an upgrade.

Thanks for the good advice.

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