Some pictures scrambled after publishing

Hi all,

I have my website up and running for years now with RapidWeaver. No problems until about half a year ago. Some of my pictures got scrambled. I tried everything without succes. My website doesn’t;t look good. Some pictures are half or more grey.

When you open my website, you see some pictures are scrambled up. However…. when you click on the pictures; the files behind them seem to be OK. So, the problem is the thumbnail file.

SayDesign told me it’s not a Masonry Stack problem.

They suggested to ask on the RapidWeaver community forums to see if anybody else has some ideas on what’s gone wrong.

I’ve attached two pictures: Thumbnail is scrambled; the other is not. Pictures can also be found on my website.
Hope anyone can help me. My website doesn’t look good.

When you open the project in RapidWeaver do the images look like this?

  • if Preview looks fine on your computer, and the problems are only on the real website then the problem is simply a failed upload. and the answer is very simple: choose Re-Publish All Files from the file menu. this will take some time, but when it completely things should be back to normal.

  • if Preview also looks bad, then something has damage the project file on your computer. in this case you should:

    • pull an older copy from a backup, if you have a backup.
    • replace the images manually if you don’t have a backup.
    • make sure that you have a solid backup going forward – whatever caused the damage in the past could happen again, a backup will ensure that you never loose data again
    • if you’ve been using Dropbox or iCloud or another syncing service to store your project i’d recommend avoiding it.
    • once you’ve got your project back in order you should follow steps above to republish the entire site.
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