WebYep image upload issue

I’m using WebYep on a website. I’m using a WebYep Rich Text stack on this page:

When I try to upload an image to the page, I get a broken image link. I looked at the HTML and it looks like the URL of the image is wrong…it says “BASE_URL” instead of “https://surreyschoolsone.ca”. When I manually change the URL of the image and swap out BASE_URL for https://surreyschoolsone.ca, the image appears.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

I’m assuming that this is one of the @willwood stacks.

I don’t have WebYep, but it might help you get help if you could provide a URL to the page that you are having the issue with.

Might also help if you describe how you put the image onto the page.

Thanks Doug! The URL was in my original post: https://surreyschoolsone.ca/teachers/literacy/elementary/create-and-communicate/emergent-writers/

To add the image, I clicked on the Edit button, then the “Insert Image” button, and then I chose my image file.

I’ve used WebYep on many websites before, and uploading images into a Rich Text stack has never been a problem before…

Fixed the problem, thanks to @willwood 's help! I had made a small error in the config file…when I fixed it, the problem went away! :slight_smile:


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