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I am having problems getting WebYep2 to work with an old RapidWeaver site. The original site was created with the WebYep page type plugin in RapidWeaver 5. I am trying to transfer previous page data files from the data folder to the new one, which has worked previously.

I am having to update the RapidWeaver site as my server wont support PHP5 and has been updated to PHP7

I uploaded WebYep2 to my server and copied across the whole of the old data folder with text and images (deleting the data folder in the new WebYep2 folder) and the actual web pages show but not the WebYep content. The login button works and logs me in and I can see all the empty WebYep data fields.

The site is here http://www.lizacatan-psychotherapy.co.uk/lizatest/contact-liza-catan/index.php

Could anyone advise on what I should be doing to transfer my old page data to the new WebYep 2 folder.

Thanks for any help or advice


Most likely this will have to do with

  • either a change in the name of the data folder in v1 vs. v2. I don’t know how it is in the english version, but the german WebYep v1 used a folder called “daten” (=“data” in german) while v2 uses a folder called “data”. There could be a similar change in the english version.
  • or with a changed indexing. Take a look inside the data folder of your old site and note the index numbers listed in the “documents” text file. In this file WY lists all pages and indexes them with a number. This number is always the first digit in the names of the content files (images, texts, headers etc.). Make sure that the “documents” file in v2 has the same indexing and urls as v1.

Thanks Markus - great info and I will try what you suggest.

I found an old post on the Github forum from Max regarding what you should do to update from WebYep 1 to 2.

There are a couple of things below I’m not sure about?
3. Permissions - what should these be
4. New webyep-system config file - is this just new username and password?
6. Init code - what is the updated init code?

The minimum you will need to change to use webyep 2 with your old sites is to:

  1. rename your old webyep-system folder by placing old in front of it e.g. old-webyep-system
  2. upload the new system
  3. allow read write permisons on the new webyep2 system data folder
  4. fill in the new webyep-system config file
  5. copy the old data folder contents and add it to the new system data folder
  6. Update the WebYep init code on each php page with a slightly updated version.
  7. Finally if you are using loops in your site then you will need to update those code snippets because they have changed substancialy with new code snippets but still keeping the same setting.

Thanks - Phil

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