Weird random code

midway down this page is some random code:

‘, ‘’.$ob_meta, $ob_page_head); ?> .+?</title>/’, ‘’, $ob_page_head); ?> ', ‘’.$ob_meta, $ob_page_head); ?>

I use PlusKit and just started with Joe Workman SEO stacks. Any ideas how to fix it? thanks

I don’t see it!

It looks like PHP code. But you have given this page a .html extension, which is probably why it shows. Put the page back to a .php extension in the Page Inspector, delete the current .html page version from your hosting server, republish the website, and try again.

Incidentally there’s something seriously wrong with this page. It is trying to load 50 MB of data! That’s far too large to be serving on a public website. The page simply will not load for a lot of your visitors. Hence @joemart1951 cannot get it to work. You may wish to reconsider how this page is built.

About 33 of those MB’s are coming from 3 images, so you should be able to drastically decrease the page size if you dealt with those.

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