What do you use as a backup or how to back up your HD

So I had my first Hard drive failure that I have ever had. I used time machine as a back up but it didn’t fix it all. on the restore it corrupted the OS, or the OS was already corrupted. I was able to pull some information off of it though.

so what I am asking what other programs do you use to back up your systems?

Some one told me that Super Duper was good, however when I looked at it, all the information was for OS X Leopard. That is a long time ago.

Is there anything out there that is recent and clones etc? Where I can use the external drive to be bootable too?

Not sure what you’re talking about re: SuperDuper. Runs fine with El Capitan. (I use it all the time.) And the website clearly says it works with El Capitan:

Where are you getting your clearly outdated info from? SuperDuper gives you all you want.

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I was reading their forum on the release information. It is way outdated then.

Carbon Copy Cloner is the ‘normal’ program for backup / disc clone. I used SuperDuper for years but I wouldn’t like to try it on ElCap.

I use the Personal Backup from Intego

1.Time Machine
2. A nightly CCC (carbon copy cloner) bootable backup to a pocket drive that always travels with me in case of fire or main computer theft (I work out of my home.)
3. I use Dropbox to sync my iMac and MBP so if iMac ever crashes or I need to travel I can automatically continue any/all work on the MBP. I keep both current with same apps, utils, hotkeys, scripts, desktop, etc etc. Thus, my two machine serve as “backup” each other.
4. I download (ftp) all files (40g) from my (vps) web server weekly and keep weekly, monthly, backups of exactly what server looked like at the time, including .htaccess, etc. If web servers crashes or I mess it up it Much faster to ftp up an image rather than try to rebuilt with RW, media, etc. etc.
5. I also serve up media files (eBooks, Video, Powerpoints/Keynotes) from Amazon S3 services and I keep my own incremental backup of those files also.

The key to a successful backup strategy is to have multiple systems in place. I use Time Machine, Carbonite, Backblaze and Chronosync. That is two on site and two in the cloud. Additionally, I use Dropbox for the “home base” for documents, RW projects, etc.

Redundancy and utilizing on and off site backups are the keys to a successful strategy.

Terry Vosbein

SuperDuper absolutely works with ElCapitan and the provider, Dave is very responsive to problems. I use it at the end of every day on 30-Macs, home and business… Has never let me down…

I use Synchronize Pro X. Works great

I’ve tried a number of solutions over the years. I use chronosync to backup all my files (except for the OS files) to a synology drive and to sync between my desktop and laptop. I also use it to backup various custom settings (MS Dictionaries, Lightroom and Photoshop Presets). I use Time Machine to backup my primary HD on both my desktop and laptop (different drives). I also use CCC to clone my primary hard drive once a month. I also use CCC to clone my images and lightroom catalog to a hard drive which I keep offsite. I’ve tried online solutions but they are too slow to upload to and download from.

SuperDuper, Time Machine and cloud backup. I use SuperDuper everyday on El Capitan with zero issues and it’s been virtually faultless for 11 years across all versions of OS X during that time. Time Machine is good for recouping an old version of something from the previous week or month but I would use SuperDuper every time to install a cloned copy.

I agree with ashleykaryl. I have used SuperDuper for about 8 years with no problems, including on El Cap. I backup to direct attached hard drives as well as to a NAS Drobo. NO problems. Oh, I also use a Time Capsule and also have Hazel copy my RW files to Dropbox. Paranoia strikes deep…

BTW, I have also heard that Carbon Copy Cloner is fine as well.

This is for my MBP which is my default workstation:

TimeMachine on three different volumes, three different locations (all encrypted):

  • Attached 3TB HD
  • Synology DiskStation
  • Before I go on travel, I attach a third TM volume (stored in a safe)

CarbonCopyCloner on encrypted HD. Once a day. Very cool as you can start up your Mac from this volume in case of internal HD crash:

  • Attached HD

AWS S3 via ARC, encrypted. This is particularly useful when I travel. As soon as I’m connected in a hotel, it backs up to the Amazon cloud. So, nothing lost while travelling.

Yes. I know. I’m paranoid. But this gives me enough freedom to work without worry. Max 1 hour work lost in case of accident.

I almost can’t count my backup sets :wink:. In general I use:

  1. SuperDuper for full disk cloning
  2. CrashPlan to external disk and to the cloud (simply love this tool!)
  3. owncloud server for the most recent and most important files
  4. TimeMachine (free and works out of the box)
  5. Sync most recent and important files between my iMac and MBP

For backups in the cloud it is important to secure your content. That’s also a reason why I leaved dropbox long time ago. It’s not only my personal files, there are also client files I don’t want to store on a server without full control. So my suggestion is:

  • local backup of files (e.g. TimeMachine or any other tool) to an external hd
  • disk cloning (SuperDuper or CCC) for full disk failures
  • backup on a server (with encryption and keys in my hands)


btw…Some people don’t realize that if two devices are on the same DropBox account and on the same local network, the “sync” occurs very quickly peer to peer BEFORE it updates to Dropbox cloud. In other words, though the dropbox cloud is updated, the two computers talk thru the local net at much quicker speeds. Just make sure “Enable LAN sync” is turned on in Prefs. https://www.dropbox.com/help/137

Be sure you have a backup solution for your server as well.

My cPanel on my server was recently hacked and it has been a headache getting everything back up again.

SuperDuper version 2.8 (v96) is a very good program that works perfectly well with OSX 10.11.5. I have had no problems with it.

In my case, I use Time Machine, synching to the Time Capsule. Once a week I use SuperDuper for a complete backup.

I would not recommend using an unpaid version of SD as it will only do a complete backup each time whilst the paid version will backup what has changed which is obviously much faster after the initial backup.