What easy to use software do people use to check that their sites are running well once established?

(Gabrielle Vickery) #1

Once your site is up and running, what software do you use to check that it’s running at it’s best? I’m looking for non complex sites really, I do use http://nibbler.silktide.com/ but I wonder if there’s anything else that people prefer?

(Dominick Designs Websites & Tech Training Seminars LLC) #2

this is a good one for speed tests


(Doug Bennett) #3

Might want to check https://www.pingdom.com

(Dave) #4

Not quite what you’re looking for - but to ensure that the sites are actually UP and RUNNING, this service is totally free for up to fifty sites. https://uptimerobot.com/ I use it to monitor all of my sites (and was surprised at how often some sites went down - I’ve since moved everything to DreamHost and/or A2 Hosting and no longer have any issues).

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