Does anyone use pingdom?

I just discovered this and it is very revealing insofar as to how fast web pages load.

I used it to help determine what bandwidth I would need for my website.

This is good information to know. Here’s the link:

I use the free monitoring service to get email notices when site is down/unavailable…
Edit: It appears there is no free option any longer

Is it still free? I thought they changed and it’s only free for a trial period (14 days).

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Was free when I signed up several years ago… it appears I’m grandfathered in. Very basic minimal info account. So it appears to not have a free version. Sorry.

also see Google’s tool:

I use Uptime Robot. It’s free.

I haven’t had any downtime in over a year so I don’t check it that much these days.

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Is domain downtime monitoring still a thing?

I’m asking as was planning to make a monitoring service for Pulse users (free) but in the end decided this isn’t too much of a problem these days with most shared hosting.

Would such a tool still be useful?

I think you’re correct that downtime isn’t really a concern these days. I haven’t had any with my current host.

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Consider… if you have a personal site and you have no store, etc, then monitoring isn’t a problem. But if you have clients depending on you and there is revenue involved (online stores) then they expect you to be able to tell them exactly how many times and for how long the online store was down… Even if up time reports show 100% up time isn’t that a good report to show your client and a confidence builder? And who wants to get a call from a client who says “I got an email here from someone who couldn’t get on the store… was it down?” I want to have an answer for them. Things do happen (even if rarely) and if I’m responsible for a site I want to be the first to know of any problems.

Also consider… Monitoring will reveal other issues also. Real life example: I use php includes quite a bit. I setup a monitoring alarm which was looking for a specific word on my page. It was part of a php include. It suddenly quit working one day… the reason? The server was up but there was a problem with php on the server. The monitoring let me know that as my monitored phrase was not being rendered on my site. Thus, this monitoring let me know about a php issue.

Great use cases @1611mac and nice to hear your feedback on this :slight_smile:

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