Is your website up or down?

Anyone got any recommendations for a tool that monitors whether a website is up or down and then sends you a message when it’s down?

I’ve tried Uptime Robot but it keeps telling me sites are down when they’re up so I don’t trust it. Ideally looking for a free tool to monitor around 30 sites but would also consider a one-off purchase, app style product.

Anyone using anything they like?



There’s Pingdom, but might be a bit pricey.

Just found this, says it’s free.

Thanks @SteveB - I’m using that system at the moment. Hence the question…:sunglasses:

I’m just getting a constant stream of false positives from Uptime Robot. I’ll definitely look into Statuscake, thanks @NeilUK.

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If you look around you can find basic “up” or “down” monitoring for free… of course, they will try to sell you more “monitoring” than what you really need.

WebCron is pretty cheap. Doesn’t look fancy but does the job.


I just picked Simon up as part of a Bundlehut bundle last week. Its a mac app that monitors your sites and servers

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For me, Simon is the best tool for monitoring servers (and services)

What happens if your local internet goes down? If you app isn’t running it can’t monitor your site right? Even if I’m traveling and all I have is my iPhone/iPad I can get a notification of a site problem if I use “outside” monitoring. Or am I missing something?

Well, “inside” monitoring (a tool that is installed directly on the server) will also fail, when the server fails. An outside monitoring is really needed, to know if a host or service is not reachable. Of course, you can install a monitoring tool on a different server so you don’t need your local machine being up and running (e.g.
Simon is a mac app and to monitor servers and services, of course it needs to be up and running.

Yes, I was referring to 3rd party systems such as and others.

I’ve had good success over the years with using Montastic for free website monitoring.

From my own experience, it won’t catch occasional “blips” in server uptime. But it will reliably alert if a site goes down for an hour or more.

It looks like you can customize the monitoring frequency, which might mean you can detect shorter outages. But I’ve never changed any of the default settings.

Cheers Will - Giving that a go