What hosting company do you like to use?

(Ryan Smith) #23

I have experience with dozens of hosting providers on account of the RapidWeaver consulting services I have provided for the past 10 years. I’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly. There is a small handful of hosts I would recommend, but Chillidog is my #1 recommendation. The servers are blazing fast and downtime is rare. I remember the first time I published a website to a Chillidog server and I was literally laughing out loud when I saw how fast it completed publishing the files. :slight_smile:

Greg also provides outstanding support and he genuinely cares about his customers. I feel good about my hard-earned dollars going to him, though it’s not a lot of dollars because his pricing is very reasonable!

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(Gary Wann) #24

Chillidog Hosting. Good price, excellent support and everything ‘Rapidweaver’ just works.

(Justin Bamforth) #25

Do you offer 24/7 support Greg?

(Gregory Barchard) #26

I’d love to but, as an indie, it means I have to sleep. Otherwise my sentences wouldn’t make much sense :slight_smile:

If you’re patient, I respond to tickets as soon as possible. Another benefit being that I know the tools you’re using to build and publish your site. I know the plugins you’re asking about. I have used Wordpress, etc too. This familiarity allows me to better understand and resolve any issues or questions that arise. :slight_smile:


(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #28

Only to his puppy! :wink:

(Gregory Barchard) #29

If they don’t make sense, I blame autocorrect :slight_smile:

@zeebe she doesn’t complain.

(Gary Wann) #30

I don’t think I’ve ever waited more than a few hours for a support response from Greg at Chillidog - and that’s when I’ve sent a ticket during daytime in the UK and it’s nighttime in the USA! Also he’s really polite when it turns out that the problem is ‘finger trouble’ at my end :flushed:

(Jim Cook) #31

I use EthicalHosting based in Toronto, Canada for numerous RW sites. Tech support is great and prices are very reasonable. No issues.

(Paul Russam) #32

Another vote for Chillidog.
I assumed hosting was hosting was hosting and it didn’t really matter who you went with … I WAS WRONG!!
Only when I started to get some problems did I realise the host I was using wasn’t up to the task or could solve my problem by moving me to another package $$$.
I contacted Greg and he was very very helpful, I didn’t have to do anything, he transferred the website, domain and 1.3gb of emails in 2 accounts.

I also created a new domain for myself, it was a Sunday evening in the UK and it was seconds (I do mean seconds) after I clicked the last button that the emails with all the details arrived in my inbox.

I’ve had a couple of support questions for Greg and on each occasion I’ve been supprised at the speed of the reply.

It’s also very reassuring like many of the posts on this thread to be referring to ‘Greg’ and not ‘them’ or ‘it’.

(Tomal Khan) #33

Like to be with Little Oak

(gary pullings) #34

I currently use Godaddy. I have had some issues but not many. Their customer service is great and I have no issues with them. I am not a FTP back end guru so I don’t know much on that end. But for the basic user go daddy is for me.

(Nigel) #35

Haha. I’m glad it’s not just me that asks Greg silly questions and get polite and helpful replies.

Plus one for Chilli from me as well.

(Igor P. Merkù) #36

Hello there,
I used krystal.co.uk and have been very happy, very good customer service. Admirable startup story, grew with the years, took over another hosting comp with its 6k clients.
Last year I went to eleven2.com, but after several network hickups, I abandoned.
In parallel, for two client sites, about a year ago, I switched over to webhostface.com with a 2y deal by stacksocial.com.
Moved other sites to WHF with another 5y deal, also by stacksocial.com
Excellent service, excellent customer service on live chat.
Cheers, Igor

(Michael Doepke) #37

Meanwhile I run my own little hosting company where most of my RW Clients reside. But that is far from being cheaper compared to 1and1 or any other mass provider. On the other hand, clients are happy to pay a little extra, if explained the advantages of individual hosting.

(Pete Northfield) #38

Another supporter here for Greg at Chillidog. I have over 50 domains and clients with Greg now and his support is consistently excellent and polite, as both myself and my clients have been known to throw silly questions at him from time to time. Whenever there is a problem you can rely on Greg to solve it.
I still have clients with 1and1, GoDaddy, Names.com, Fasthosts, One.com and a few others and none are as easy to use or give the quality of support you get from Greg.
Go Chillidog!

(Gabrielle Vickery) #39

Thanks to everyone for your wonderful input as always. Am now in talks with (drumroll) Chillidog, so thanks again and we can close this thread now ;-))).

You guys rock!

(Gregory Barchard) #40

You have chosen… wisely :slight_smile:

(Ronnie West) #41

So much praise for Chillidog but, nowhere is there a link to contact him.
I am using GoDaddy but have some issues so am looking for a better deal.
I reside in the UK.

(Rob Beattie) #42

Just mention his name here - @barchard - and he’ll find you.

Or go to https://www.chillidoghosting.com/ and email them from there.


(Gregory Barchard) #43

Hi, you email me at support@ or do as Rob suggests. Contact form is here: