What hosting company do you like to use?

(Rob Beattie) #42

Just mention his name here - @barchard - and he’ll find you.

Or go to https://www.chillidoghosting.com/ and email them from there.


(Gregory Barchard) #43

Hi, you email me at support@ or do as Rob suggests. Contact form is here:


(Ronnie West) #44

Thanks Rob, I am now in contact with Chillidog.

(Matt Bauer) #45

You could also try DV Host

(Dominick Designs Websites & Tech Training Seminars LLC) #46

I have been using Arvixe for the past 9 years. They have been acquired by a bigger company and the service is not quite as good as it used to be, but it’s still good. I get a free domain for life, unlimited emails and subdomains. I’m on the cheapest plan and it’s about 3 USD per month (2 years in advance). But I guess the point is that since I am on a shared server my FTP uploading is slow. If I want faster service then I will need to upgrade.

(LJ) #47

I’ve had a reseller account with Clook in the UK for about 4 years - 40+ sites. Clook get 100% as far as I’m concerned. and I recommend them without hesitation. No down time, 24/7 email support that gets a pretty much immediate reply. Incredibly helpful across a wide range of issues. Standard cPanel and WHM. No Rapidweaver knowledge but that’s my job and I can’t see how it would help anyway.

(Chuck Law) #48

I just started with RW and selected Chillidog based on many excellent reviews. I followed the instructions on the Chillidog site and soon had my site running with Armadillo. After initial success, I ran into some publishing problems. I Emailed RW and got no response. Several evenings of frustration later, I Emailed Chililidog; it was after 5P. Later that evening I was surprised to get an Email response from Greg at Chillidog who had reviewed my files and pinpointed the problem. I was back in business and sleeping better.

For me, personal, timely, service is difficult to put a price tag on. My time and energy is valuable and and something I can’t get back. If I had gone with a discount provider, I would have spent my savings on Tums and Prilosec and still be at a roadblock.

(Lisa Sandler) #49

Chillidog all the way. Best customer service EVER!!!

(Jo Dorais) #50

Hey Greg - I’m looking at moving a site from Bluehost, but wondering how much I really need and if it’s gonna be worth the hassle of moving. Can you look at the existing site and help? tdlandscaping.com
Thanks - Jo

(Andy Warywoda) #51

Ditto on Machighway. Great uptime, customer service and value.

(Gregory Barchard) #52

yes, of course. please, however, email me at support@ or DM. I will need log in details to evaluate your site. I personally migrate new users for free so there isn’t much ‘hassle’ on your part :slight_smile:


(Pedro Perdomo M.) #53

Totally agree Lisa, first class service and support

(Tim Lawson) #54

I use Mythic Beasts in UK. Outstanding in every way IMO.

(Konstantijn Van Calster) #55

I use Little Oak Hosting, great support with a 24/7 live chat support.

(Adam Shiver) #56

One I haven’t seen mentioned is DreamHost. I’ve been with them since 2006. Have had only a couple minor problems over those 11 years. Support is also quite good.

(Dave Farrants) #57

Don’t want to detract from @barchard who does support the RW community but one.com offer the first year free, great prices and support, I have 9 client sites with them

(Gregory Barchard) #58

Hi Ronnie

Searching again through my email, I want to make sure everything is resolved for you. If not, please send me a direct message. I’ve looked and have responded to all open messages so if I didn’t respond it probably got lost in transit or filed to Junk by mistake.


(Mary Delton) #59

Another cheer for Greg at Chillidog - - Was at Little Oak but moved to Chillidog and so glad I did. I really value Greg’s customer support as I am not a techie and he is very responsive.

(gary pullings) #60

I hate to say this but I use Go Daddy. I haven’t had any issues yet with them. and when I do they assist right away.

(Barrie McDermid) #61

I’ve been with Bluest for the past six years or since everyone used to recommend them. They’ve been pretty good to be honest.