What hosting company do you like to use?

(Ronnie West) #44

Thanks Rob, I am now in contact with Chillidog.

(Matt Bauer) #45

You could also try DV Host

(Dominick Designs Websites & Tech Training Seminars LLC) #46

I have been using Arvixe for the past 9 years. They have been acquired by a bigger company and the service is not quite as good as it used to be, but it’s still good. I get a free domain for life, unlimited emails and subdomains. I’m on the cheapest plan and it’s about 3 USD per month (2 years in advance). But I guess the point is that since I am on a shared server my FTP uploading is slow. If I want faster service then I will need to upgrade.

(LJ) #47

I’ve had a reseller account with Clook in the UK for about 4 years - 40+ sites. Clook get 100% as far as I’m concerned. and I recommend them without hesitation. No down time, 24/7 email support that gets a pretty much immediate reply. Incredibly helpful across a wide range of issues. Standard cPanel and WHM. No Rapidweaver knowledge but that’s my job and I can’t see how it would help anyway.

(Chuck Law) #48

I just started with RW and selected Chillidog based on many excellent reviews. I followed the instructions on the Chillidog site and soon had my site running with Armadillo. After initial success, I ran into some publishing problems. I Emailed RW and got no response. Several evenings of frustration later, I Emailed Chililidog; it was after 5P. Later that evening I was surprised to get an Email response from Greg at Chillidog who had reviewed my files and pinpointed the problem. I was back in business and sleeping better.

For me, personal, timely, service is difficult to put a price tag on. My time and energy is valuable and and something I can’t get back. If I had gone with a discount provider, I would have spent my savings on Tums and Prilosec and still be at a roadblock.

(Lisa Sandler) #49

Chillidog all the way. Best customer service EVER!!!

(Jo Dorais) #50

Hey Greg - I’m looking at moving a site from Bluehost, but wondering how much I really need and if it’s gonna be worth the hassle of moving. Can you look at the existing site and help? tdlandscaping.com
Thanks - Jo

(Andy Moose Dude) #51

Ditto on Machighway. Great uptime, customer service and value.

(Gregory Barchard) #52

yes, of course. please, however, email me at support@ or DM. I will need log in details to evaluate your site. I personally migrate new users for free so there isn’t much ‘hassle’ on your part :slight_smile:


(Pedro Perdomo M.) #53

Totally agree Lisa, first class service and support

(Tim Lawson) #54

I use Mythic Beasts in UK. Outstanding in every way IMO.

(Konstantijn Van Calster) #55

I use Little Oak Hosting, great support with a 24/7 live chat support.

(Adam Shiver) #56

One I haven’t seen mentioned is DreamHost. I’ve been with them since 2006. Have had only a couple minor problems over those 11 years. Support is also quite good.

(Dave Farrants) #57

Don’t want to detract from @barchard who does support the RW community but one.com offer the first year free, great prices and support, I have 9 client sites with them

(Gregory Barchard) #58

Hi Ronnie

Searching again through my email, I want to make sure everything is resolved for you. If not, please send me a direct message. I’ve looked and have responded to all open messages so if I didn’t respond it probably got lost in transit or filed to Junk by mistake.


(Mary Delton) #59

Another cheer for Greg at Chillidog - - Was at Little Oak but moved to Chillidog and so glad I did. I really value Greg’s customer support as I am not a techie and he is very responsive.

(gary pullings) #60

I hate to say this but I use Go Daddy. I haven’t had any issues yet with them. and when I do they assist right away.

(Barrie McDermid) #61

I’ve been with Bluest for the past six years or since everyone used to recommend them. They’ve been pretty good to be honest.

(Dave) #62

No need to feel bad about being with GoDaddy. I have some clients that have been hosted by them for ten years…with virtually zero downtime (one afternoon, many years ago, they were down for a few hours). In addition, despite warnings of compatibility from a (very) few add-on developers, all of my stacks and add-ons work great on my GoDaddy-hosted sites (I do not have any ecommerce sites on GoDaddy, so I can’t speak for shopping cart add-ons).

I’d also give shout-outs to Chillidog and DreamHost - both of whom offer FREE one-click SSL certificates. Google has announced that going HTTPS will give sites a ranking boost. In my opinion, SSL should be essential for not just ecommerce site owners, but also for small business owners to add more secure browsing experience for users. So, if I were comparing hosts today, I would absolutely factor in the cost of SSL Certificates, along with downtime, ease-of-use (cPanel or similar dashboard), and the reputation for customer service.

(Chris) #63

For me a local hosting provider is a must, especially if you need good and fast support. I want to know how to reach them and to be able to even drive in and have a serious talk to them in case I have to :wink: