Endeavor theme and mobile devices


I’m building a site with NCD Endeavor theme:


In mobile devices when trying to expand a menu, the browser goes direct to the top menu item (the clicked one), so user can’t select the submenus.

Maybe I’m missing somethig.


Works for me.
What mobile are you using?

In a sony T3, android, I cant select a submenu, when the list opens it navigates directly to top item.
In a windows phone a total mess, like not opening the mobile version, no transparency in menu, etc.
Iphone is ok.

Thanks a lot for testing!


Great website!
I have got a similar problem with Endeavor on mobile device.
I see the three pictures you used in the extra content will appear bellow each other instead of next to each other.
My pictures will stay next to each other in mobile. See:

What can I do?


You need to use a 3 column responsible stack:

I hope this helps!

I have used the 3 column stack of RapidWeaver. It that the reason it does not work? Maybe this stack is not responsive?

Thank you!

Michael David himself used the 3 column stack combined with a stack called Tamplate? Does anyone know what kind of stack this is?

Not sure about this, but it could be Joe Workman’s Fluid Image. The stacks 3 column stack SHOULD be responsive, as long as it is from Stacks 3, if it is from Stacks 2, it will NOT be responsive.