What Sort of Web Apps/Stacks Would You Like To See?


(Greg Schneck) #21

How about a “proofing” stack/utility. The tool would read folder and filename of all active (non “draft”) pages in a RW project, “build” the url and display the page in default browser for a given amount of time (set by user.)

And for a future enhancement…
Also have an option to read each html page from the server and display them likewise… (humm… wondering if there might be an browser Extension that does this?..)

(Gary) #22

I’m not quite sure I understand … Is this something you want done locally, or on published pages?
I’m not understanding the part about displaying the page in the browser for a set amount of time …
Is there an example somewhere that would help me to understand?

(Greg Schneck) #23

Locally and optionally on published pages. I know this is a strange request but I have 1700 pages on my site and I’m changing things constantly due to inheriting a really old RW project. I just changed to a new responsive Theme. I constantly find myself browsing thru the site seeing how it looks, looking for better ways to design, etc. But after a major thing like a Theme change I don’t sleep good unless I actually see the published pages. I use a lot of php includes also so I need to know that my php setup is working, etc.

So… it would really be nice to be able to sit here with a cup of coffee and run something automatically “flip” thur all my web pages… I know this is more like a php script or tool that runs on the server. In fact, I’ve found scripts that randomly display a page from a given site but each url has to be loaded into an array…

So as I sit here and eat lunch, work on other RW pages, etc I’d have the “site sequential page viewer” running on my MacBook Pro while I work on my iMac. As I said, 1700 pages is a lot to navigate thru manually.

Yes, I know this is a crazy idea! But I have found many problems before while just browsing thru the site… I’ve come across pages I even forgot about!

(...) #24

Square Payments from square.com


(Gary) #25

@1611mac - That is Fascinating … Thanks for claryfying, I never would have arrived there. :smiley:

What you are wanting is something that would likely need to be run in exported mode or published mode.
Actually, if you use MAMP you could export the site there and then run php scripts without actually publishing them to the web. This way you can check them out before taking all the time of publishing.

Even still, there would need to be some sort of automated script for this … You have piqued my interest and now I want to know if it can be done.

(Gary) #26

I am not real familiar with Square but from what I can tell it is a payment gateway similar to Stripe (which I am familiar with).

I will ask Mike (Cartloom) about seeing if he could add support for this in Cartloom.
But it looks like you might just be asking for a set of stacks that will let you build a form to commnicate with Square and bypass a middleman … am I right?

(Greg Schneck) #27

Think of it as “StumbleUpon” only for a single site. Or perhaps a “my site” screen saver. And ensure no page is shown twice until all pages shown then start over. I found some very short scripts that will do this, and it would actually be pretty easy to build the search array string from a sitemap. But I don’t know if an array can hold 1700 url strings. :slight_smile:

(...) #28

Yep! Square hosts their own online store but it is very limited. Product page only. Also the design templates are totally restricted. We need the option of just a listing with no photos for simple quick mobile orders for a restaurant. I think there would be a huge take for this outside of the RW community also as Square’s forum is filled with request!

(Brad Miller) #29

Hi @Gary ,
I have looked for some time for a way to add a quotable option to a blog (I use Armadillo) or other part of my web pages. In other words, I could specify a particular sentence or two of text, and visitors to my site could easily click to share it on Twitter, Facebook, etc.

goinswriter.com uses a feature like this on his site. I think this is a WordPress site and I have seen various Wordpress plugins that allow this, but none in the RW universe that I am aware of. Here is a screenshot of that website.

Or maybe @willwood might consider building this into Armadillo!
Thanks a million!

(Greg Schneck) #30

Managed to do this very simply. I created a list of my site urls from a sitemap. I then opened the list in BBedit and setup a Macro (Keyboard Maestro) to “open url” displaying the first url/page in my browser. The macro then closes the browser, advances to next url in BBedit and repeats. So now I can automatically watch it display all 1400 pages while I drink my coffee…


OpenStreetMap is free, is not part of Google, and does not require an API Key.

(Mike) #32

I’alike a tool that tells you which Stacks, plugins and versions etc are used within the site you’re viewing / building.
Yes, I know you can see this by viewing Page Resources in Safari, but things do get a bit jumbled up.

(Gary) #33

I am not sure but it seems like @joeworkman or maybe @Doobox has a stack that does just that. I could be wrong though.

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #34

Joe does not have a stack that does this

(Mike) #35

That’s a pity :frowning:

(Joe Workman) #36

I have wanted to build something like that for a while. I did a bit of work on it last month actually. No ETA on arrival though…

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #37

I think I will get you covered for this :wink:

(Jonathan Jacobs) #38

I want to second the calendar suggestions above. Before Google cut off their calendar RSS feed, I could edit the feed and then use an RSS stack. But without the RSS feed, I can’t do that. I would love to have a stack that pulls the next x number of events from a Google calendar in a list.

(Gary) #39

I’m definitely looking into this, as I imagine a few other are too :wink:

(Rob Beattie) #40

There used be something called WeaverDetect which did this. A browser plugin I think, maybe from Wesley?