What Sort of Web Apps/Stacks Would You Like To See?

There’s been a few people looking for a polling stack

And how about a Konami code stack, where only users that know the code (or a user definable code) will see the contents! - just for fun.

I’ll put in a vote for the scheduler stack idea, many users would like to have users able to book something (and pay) on a calendar.


Another idea: RSS Feed. Since giving up my blog to go all Stacks pages I have no “automatic” RSS feed generation. I’ve been making and uploading my RSS xml manually. A Stack that creates an automatic XML with the topmost H1 tag and definable char count after that… similar to the Blog RSS.


If there is no blog, where to feed from?

A collect for archiving. Like the collect for output that adobe products have. Collects everything theme, style, plugins stacks… so that a year later when a client comes to you for an update you can easily open and recreate where you left off… : )

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Any of the other multiples pages that get new content… Bookstore for example… Daily Reports (Articles) for example… Topical Database for example… or ANY page you choose to have a feed so users know there is new content.

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I think the idea is not bad, but it would require some kind of versioning system, so that the RSS is not triggered by a simple typo correction, or something similarly insignificant.

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RE: RSS feed

I confess I don’t completely understand how RSS determines new content. Some reading indicates to me that different systems determine new content in different ways, but all determined from the info in provided in the XML file. Some do a compare to the previous xml file to see what is different, perhaps some use the date provided.

In my manual feed I simply edit the old blog xml file on my server and I enter the new H1 Title and date in the xml file and that works fine. The Readers I have tested respond appropriately indicating the new H1 content and the description I enter (which could be the first “x” number of characters if auto-generated.)

Doing a manual feed is actually very easy. But is would be easier (obviously) if it were automatic.


I also build my own xml file.

I use individual pages like blog entries. The pages are able to be designed more creatively and the meta data can all be edited unlike the built in blog options or the injection options on other 3rd party CMS’s.

The only time I add a new RSS entry is when the article is published for the first time. If there are corrections or edits to a page they are simply made - no new RSS required.

If there are major changes to an existing page I make a whole new page, new RSS entry and then I add a notice on the top of the old page indicating the article has been significantly updated with a link to the new article. This method has been proven to be the best option for SEO.

So I see the need for a RSS stack/page as a huge help and yet very simple, filter out everything except the pages that have new URL’s.

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I do exactly like you. I make individual “Report” pages to get the advantage of Stacks and Meta Data as you say… My Home page get’s a pic an headline of the report much like a blog.

For other sections of the site you’d have to have a RSS XML creator that allowed you to enter the new page Title (H1), Date, and URL. The key is the INFO in the XML file. Thus, you could put a stack on ANY page(s) and enter your desired feed data into fields. When you published the page with the stack it would create the appropriate XML file. You could have as many feeds as you wanted, based on “sections” of your site. As stated above, I’d have one for “Reports”… one for “Store”… and one or two other main sections of the site.

I see what you are saying. Mine is very simple. One RSS file for the entire website. Pretty much just the basic stuff. My intent is Search Bot bait and notification to visitors so they can come to the website. I do not include the entire post as my intent is to attract traffic to the website and hope for the clickthrough to other content. :wink:

I would like to see a really elegant photo gallery including the option for retina images. All the ones I have seen so far for Rapidweaver are a bit clunky with heavy looking controls, oversized thumbnails or abrupt changes etc. I’m almost on the point of studying how to build the stack myself or trying to do this with another design app.

Maybe one of the options here appeal you:

I would basically like to recreate what I already have on an existing site that was hand coded but make it responsive and retina enabled. An update is long overdue because I’ve not yet found a gallery option that does what I want. There are a few images with mild nudity if that bothers you but you can see it here http://www.ashleykaryl.com

The closest I have is the Royal Slider, see example on bottom of http://demo.instacks.com/gallerystack/totalcms/

Which works also responsibly :wink:

I know there are several gallery stacks out there that are responsive etc … but I will look and see if there is room for another one with a different feature set.

I would like to point out though that the gallery that you referenced does not behave responively … it least not in Safari or Chrome on the Mac.


That’s exactly the problem with that site or I would simply keep it and update the images. It was put together by a friend who wrote all the code by hand using a text editor. I like the basic styling of the gallery though with soft transitions and highlighted thumbnails etc.

Yes I’ve seen it before but I want to create gentler transitions along with some other adjustments. I am sure most people would be very happy with the existing options, but I just have a particular idea of the way I would like it to look and nothing I have seen so far with Rapidweaver allows me to do that. The closest option is probably Impact by Joe Workman.

Yeah, that is nice … smooth

I would like a stack that will take a poll and automatically post the results as rhey develop. Yes I know Google has something that does something like this. I would like a stack that does it.

I suspect this isn’t exactly what you’re going for but, just in case: http://onelittledesigner.com/rapidweaver-stack/live-data/
EDIT: actually, the demo at the bottom of that link might get you pretty close. I havent used this personally though