What stack i can use for Web3.js?


Do we have any stack to communicate with a smartcontracts on the Ethereum blockchain via Web3.js ?
If no, can community recommend, what i can use to work with this. Builder stack by S4S or something else, maybe?

Thank you!

Have you tried the default html stack that some with the Stacks plug-in?

No, i just start to collect info, how i can do this task with RW.

Ah, I see. Well if you need a way to ad code on a Stacks page, the html stack is one way.

I think the Builder stack from S4S is the better choice. It also free (but it doesn’t matter in my case) and allow add all three needed parts like HTML, CSS and Java in the same stack, with ability to copy and reuse it. But maybe here exists better choice like some sort of special stack to work with Java?

Is there’s not a stack specifically designed for web3 and to my knowledge there’s none, your best bet would be the builder stack.

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