What to do with a 2,000 post wordpress site?

I’ve been asked to take on maintenance and development of a 2,000 post Wordpress site. I am tempted to leave it where it is, but have the option to do pretty much what I want with it including moving platform. It’s a non-profit site so extra subscriptions are a no-no. It’s currently hosted in a cPanel script installation. The owner still needs to continue to knock out regular posts which contain text, images, audio and video content.

What do I do?

I would like to move it to RW, but cannot think of a solution that doesn’t involve incurring extra subscription costs. I have an armadillo licence, but getting the 2,000 posts in may take me the rest of my life :crazy_face:.

Are there any viable RW solutions anyone can think of and suggest? I’m not after a turf war between RW & WP (those have been done to death). Cost is a major factor as it’s a self-hosted WP installations so only hosting costs and domain fee are currently being paid.

My preferred option would be RW because, well, I like it! So I’m looking for possible, within reason, solutions.

EDIT: “2,000 post not page site” in the first paragraph

Pulse CMS used to have a tool called Teleport that only came out a year ago but appears to have vanished! Pulse is also quite expensive unless you plan on making lots of CMS sites using it.

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My 2¢, I have not seen anything as reliable as WordPress for a site this big. Moving it would be a huge hit for SEO unless you were to GUARANTY every URL would be EXACTLY the same. The best thing you can do is maintain the site on WordPress or pass it on to someone who can. RapidWeaver itself nor any of its add-ons are stable enough for a project that size much less how big it will continue to grow.

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I plan on building a WP import into Total CMS 2. However, that won’t be out until 2019.

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Like @Flash mentioned I’d probably stay with WP at this point. If SEO is not super important to them, then a switch might make sense but I don’t know of anything that’s guaranteed to handle 2000 posts well. Perhaps Joe’s system, perhaps Foundry’s new blogging system. Perhaps.

Within the WP world, I’d seriously suggest taking a look at Elementor. It is a page builder. It’s the closest I’ve seen to RW. The free version is good, but most likely you’d want the Pro version ($50 first year, $38 subsequent years). This would allow you to upgrade the design while maintaining the posts.

Elementor also has a very nice feature called conditionals. It makes it super easy for someone not to have to go to one blog page and dig through it, but it auto-delivers certain categories to specific pages. That way the blog posts can be auto-delivered over 4-6 pages that have a beautiful layout (without the annoying sidebar stuff). At any rate, Elementor is very nice indeed. So is Divi: another page builder that will work well with WP existing posts.


I’m assuming there would be no benefit to turn the existing site static and push new posts through something like Armadillo (I have a licence)? The question would be theming the site and making it searchable. And what benefit; if any; I’d get from 2,000 static pages over a Wordpress installation.

I do have a Divi licence so it will give me a chance use it.

Is there a way to export the Wordpress blog posts in (2000 text) files?

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Div’s is a great Wordpress plug-in/editor, It’s very powerful and is pretty easy to learn and use.

I would keep away from the hybrid approach of some pages being static on Wordpress and new post being on a RapidWeaver site. I don’t think it buys anything, and just would makes things like navigating and site maps a nightmare.

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I’ve seen a few export scripts and plugins that may do the job.

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