What would you like to see in RapidWeaver 7?

Could you clarify what you mean about images?

I second Zoe_TintaNet’s “arrange blog posts by something other than date added” - I also use the blog page for “directory” kind of purposes and would use alphabetical listing. I second all blog page suggestions given here in general and hope that the blog plugin would get some attention as it’s been neglected for so long. There really are users who prefer it instead of some other options like Rapidblog, Armadillo and the like. It is very easy to set up and it’s independent.

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There are a couple of online sitemap generators that not only list pages but also images on pages to provide a really complete sitemap. When I’ve used them I’ve noticed a boost in ranking and traffic. It seems that Google just indexes more of the site like that.

Hands down, the ability to make mobile apps, you know, like a mobile site but wrapped in PhoneGap, Titanium, Sencha, etc

A bit tedious but, for #2 could you not just change the blog entry dates on all to correspond with their alphabetical order?

Yikes! Bit tedious, hmmmm might be an understatement! Especially as every time I add someone new, I will have to change the dates of all subsequent entries!

Depends on how many you have and how much of a gap you leave between dates…

Im having terrible trouble trying to get a Like button for Facebook on a blog entry! Driving me insane! Twitter took about 5 mins!! Grrr!
Anyone any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

This is why I’d love there to be options for social buttons etc on RW 7!!

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One size doesn’t fit all. I don’t use the RW blog page because I have to be at my computer to make a post.
Armadillo or RapidBlog or Tumblr are easy to set up and can use anywhere the Internet is.

bitbumpy, I wish people weren’t making these statements so eagerly on the forum. Realmac will never develop the blog page further if there is reason to believe nobody is using it. Please consider that not all want to use third party services and don’t need to blog on the go. I know Rapidblog and Armadillo, I know what they’re good for. And this discussion was about Rapidweaver itself, not about third party plugins or stacks…

A few requests i’ve made before but here goes:

A feature i would appreciate is the option of multiple logos in one project, or the option of having a unique logo on a page, which would override the project logo.

Also, if the form mailer could be fixed to check that email addresses contain a “.” and an “@”, and/or an “confirm email” field for the contact form.

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A simple one:
Find and Replace


Lots of great suggestions here, thank you all.

We definitely want to tackle the problem of managing RW projects on multiple machines. We’re also going to make sure the upgrade process from 6 to 7 is seamless, just like updating a 6.x releases :smile:

Also if you’re looking for an online blogging platform, you should check out typed.com (we make it). We’re currently looking at ways we can integrate it into the RapdiWeaver ecosystem.

Keep the suggestions coming, this is a great thread!


Hi @PaulRussam,
Have a look here for your notes request (I’m using that quite extensively): http://www.doobox.co.uk/stacks_store/demos/notes.html.
A suggestion from a paranoid: Don’t backup the project file to the same ftp server than the website for security reasons. Choose another ftp-site instead. You can also use RWBackup for that (http://www.stack-its.com/rwbackup.php).
Hope that helps a bit.

@jsc what security reasons would those be?

Nothing related to RapidWeaver. Sourcefile and resulting website should not be on the same destination. Website hacks are more popular than those of stealth FTP sites. I’d not expose the sourcefile to the same risk than the website.

I guess I should’ve been clearer! :slight_smile:

The ability to make resources/scripts served from external sources use the HTTPS protocol.

When installing or updating stacks/plugins it would be nice if Rapidweaver prompted you to restart to make those additions available in the Stacks menu.

In addition, a way to check for updates before having to open a project.

I do understand this is a combo Realmac/Yourhead endeavour

That the whole Edit versus Preview thing just disappear. I want to see the changes live, onscreen with all my tools available without having to switch to Preview and toggle back and forth. That is a GREAT waste of time.

This is already in RW6. The Check for Updates option already prompts for a restart; and checks stacks AND plugins :slight_smile:

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