Multiple websites at one

Question: on my landing page I’m refer to a business group consisting of 4 different businesses, on this page I will settle the links to redirect to each website but would be done on the same website structure. In my case not individual sites with is own domain but 4 in 1 (1 domain) but separated structure. The issue is that I will need to have different menu items on each one, structure and individual banner on each site. Principal problem is that I can’t find how to get a different menu structure on each site, don’t know if this can be done or if it’s would be needed to have each site on an individual website with is own domain. As example this site that I saw; , something like this that I’m trying to work out but all sites at one (1 domain) website.

Don’t know if this would be possible, if any stack, theme or option to do this. Hope you can sort me out, thanks again community.


That was built with Rapidweaver and Joe Workman’s Foundation theme. So yes, it’s possible.

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Ok Robb thanks for the reply, so Foundation would work for me nevertheless would like to know if it’s can be done without Foundation ?

it can be done but you need to separate the RW projects that way each “sub-site” has it’s own NAV.

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