When publishing, site wide banner image always gets uploaded... surely not necessary!

Whenever I publish my site, the banner image that I have dragged into the drop zone to define the site wide default banner always gets uploaded, even though it hasn’t changed. Makes me wonder what other files are getting uploaded unnecessarily!

I am using the Kiki them from Yuzool, (come with RW7).

it is not a massive issue, but doesn’t seem very smart!

Any way around this, or is it the nature of the beast?


I’m sure similar questions like this have been asked before Mark. I added one word to a text stack on my home page and uploaded 60 files. Thank goodness the days of dial up are gone, otherwise it would never work for me.


This is still happening with the latest Beta (Version 7.3.1 (18606b)). Utterly irritating.

I have put my banner into the site wide drop-zone, as required, but it still gets uploaded every time.

Please sort this out…