Where are the navigation GUI?

I’m using @nimblehost Armadillo and one of my sites don’t show the dashboard properly. Any help to fix this will be appreciated. See picture: Image 12-03-2021 17 10

It’s going to be hard to get help based on a screenshot. Without a URL to see it’s hard to say what might be causing the issue.

I understand that it’s behind your Admin area (password protected) so you may not won’t to share on an open forum. You might have better luck contacting @nimblehost’s Support page, since Jonathan will probably need a login to see what you are talking about.

BTW: You can just drag and drop the jpeg on to your forum post. You’ll get a lot better response from folks here if they don’t have to go to a link to see the screenshot.

Anyway, double posting really doesn’t get you help any faster.

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Can I send you a message with the login info? I can change it later. I just need to know what to do to fix that.


PM it to me, and I’ll have a look.


I looked with the login you sent me, and it appears on certain Admin pages you are missing some files Armadillo is needing.

So I would try to republish all files to start with. I’d also double check the php version.

BTW: I can’t log off as the log-off normally at the top is missing.

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