FTP Uploading issues

Hello RW folks

A novice here, using RW8.7

I am trying to upload my website. The connection test is successful, but uploading fails. My hosting company Netcetera say that are able to upload a test file via Filezilla. Any ideas why they can, but I cannot (via RW8 publishing function)?

Thanks for any advice.

How much space do you have on the server? RW files are not big but this error definitely happens when there is not enough space left.

If that’s not the issue, you could try a different Mode - either Active or Passive

The error message is covering a lot of the settings on the screenshot, so its hard to say.

Try clearing the path (make it empty) and hit the Browse button and see what happens.

The Test button only really test credentials.

Hi Doug - thanks for the follow up, I am all at sea here and not sure what the publishing path is. That advice did enable uploading, but the content of my site did not update. Do I need to export my revised version somewhere before uploading? Thanks.

Sorry, wrong screenshot.

Looks like you left public_html in the path (screenshot shows that at the top).

Do you still have missing resources on the project? The “wrong” screenshot shows that. You probably won’t be able to publish until that gets resolved.

Thanks again Doug.

Can you tell what that missing resource warning is pointing to? Is it likely to be one of the images on the site?

Wishing you well

I really can’t help much. I’ve been lucky enough not to have gotten this problem.

It looks like you only have one missing resource if I read the screenshot correctly.

  • My first step would be to make a backup copy of the project.
  • Then I’d probably try the Remove button.
  • Then I would try and find what was missing Manually (looking for what might be missing)

Now there might be a better way, so perhaps someone who has experienced this will chime in with the best way to handle missing resources.

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