Where did this come from ? , looks very dodgy!

Hi all, i was just having a mess about with the Demo that comes with the 1LD theme called Omnicon and suddenly this message popped up on the preview screen.

Of course i DID NOT press the Scan Now button.

However I am currently scanning my Lap Top with ClamXav.

But how can that happen inside Rapid Weaver ???

This isn’t something in RapidWeaver itself. It’s likely that there’s some Javascript within the project or theme that is causing this.

Drop us a note, with the theme and project file, and we’ll see what we can do to replicate it. support@realmacsoftware.com

I’ve seen something like this before, try opening Safari outside of RW to see if it’s a Safari only problem.

If so - then try this - (Copied from another forum)

"If you relaunch Safari, the page will reopen. To prevent this from happening, hold down the ‘Shift’ key while opening Safari. This will prevent windows from the last time Safari was running from reopening.

This will not work in all cases. The shift key must be held at the right time, and in some cases, even if done correctly, the window reappears. In these circumstances, after force quitting Safari, turn off Wi-Fi or disconnect Ethernet, depending on how you connect to the Internet. Then relaunch Safari normally. It will try to reload the malicious webpage, but without a connection, it won’t be able to. Navigate away from that page by entering a different URL, i.e. www.apple.com, and trying to load it. Now you can reconnect to the Internet, and the page you entered will appear rather than the malicious one. if it only happens in Safari hold down the ‘Shift’ key while opening Safari, this will prevent windows from the last time Safari was running from reopening."

@nikf Hi, i have just this second sent off an email with the Attachments that you asked for, thank you so much for showing an interest in my problem :slightly_smiling:


@DaveFox Thank you Dave for your advice above :slight_smile:
I have now scanned my Mac Book Pro with ClamXav, this found an Adware file named “Adware.OSX.Bundlore”, now in Quarantine and now deleted.

I havent been able to Replicate the problem again sadly, my default browser is Google Chrome therefore Safari shouldnt have been involved at all.
However as for “Preview in a Browser” this has rarely worked correctly, if at all, in my RW6 for a while, i am looking forward to RW7 hoping that bug will be fixed.
Also, am i the only RW6 user to still have a crash when i Save and/or Quit ??


Got some steps to replicate that “Preview in Browser” issue? We’re not aware of an issue with this, beyond issues with the sandbox that are normally fixed with a machine restart.


@timmytoad, No you are not the only one. If I save my project and then click the red button on the project window to close it, I get the crash of RW 6 and a window opens and I fill it out and hit send and get the beach ball of death.

. After maybe a minute, the window just disappears. Have no idea if anything was sent. This happens way too frequenctly. I’m on a Macbook Pro retina with RW 6, ElCapitan 10.11.3


Hi @nikf yep a Machine Restart always does the trick for me. Would be better if i didnt have to do it though.

I often get the message “something went wrong” and i always send it off, with my email address in the box, but i never get any response, does anybody get a response ?, and why does it send an ANONYMOUS SYSTEM PROFILE ? wouldnt it be better for whoever gets it, to know who it came from, otherwise what is the point of my email address being sent ANONYMOUSLY ?


I think you’re reading a little too much into it… The anonymous system report is exactly that: details about your system. They’re separate from any information you might include in the reports.

Speaking of which… I check the crash reports daily (if not many times a day). If there’s something actionable, or the crash is not known to us, I follow-up. Otherwise, if a crash is in progress, or something we need to relay to a third-party developer I do.

We try to reply to every crash report, but given that crash reports get grouped, if a particular group has already been flagged for investigation etc, we tend to leave it until it’s fixed, mark it as “Fixed”, and then the crash reporter will tell you to check for updates (as it checks the fixed status).


@nikf thanks nik, Does it make any difference to enter text into the space provided ?


Yes: ideally some steps to reproduce would be very useful. We can glean a fair bit from crash logs, but not everything.