Where is Gary from Kuler solutions?

Just noticed his site is completely gone. Has Gary stopped working on RW addons? Has he gone out of business? Has anybody taken over his stuff?

He hasn’t been on Twitter in ten months - and he used to Tweet pretty regularly. Hope he’s doing ok.

Why not ping @gary - hopefully he’ll check in.

I’m not sure his site is completely gone … but I’m reluctant to enter. I get this dreaded notice when I try to go to his site on Safari:

If you click on any live preview from the rapidweaver community site you get

This Domain Name Has Expired - Renewal Instructions.

Shame. Gary made some of the first pro themes I bought.

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He also made a pretty cool mySQL editor for RW a few months ago.

I think this is his last post?

I have emailed Gary last month and again this month just to see if he is ok. I have not gotten a reply. :frowning:

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That usw hat Safari started to do on a lot of sites. Doesn’t necessarily mean that there is really something wrong with them.

Markus Frieauff
Hinter Sundheim 12
55283 Nierstein
Tel. 06133 / 70 19 678
mobil 0163 / 888 94 86

I’ve reached out via a DM on Twitter, and will let you know what I hear back. His LinkedIn profile is still active, by the way, but doesn’t mention web development.

…any news on this?

I never got a reply to my email to him. I did more sleuthing and found his home phone number. Sadly it was disconnected when I called.


Oh that is very strange, I do hope he is okay. There must be someway we can find out…

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I sent him a DM on Twitter a week ago, but haven’t heard back. A bit of sleuthing uncovered that he’s a pastor at a Baptist church in Louisiana. But, their website (created and maintained by Gary) hasn’t been updated since spring.

Update: I just tried the church website again. It was working last week. Today, the server can’t be found. https://haughtonbaptist.com

That church’s phone has been disconnected as well. Crazy.

You sure that was Gary? Looking at the cached version of the site, it’s not created with RW.

EDIT: So it was. Guess he had reason not to use RW there :

<div id="resurrect-notice"> Copyright © 2018 Haughton Baptist Temple. Powered by <a href="https://kuler.solutions" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Kuler.Solutions</a>

Positive. Look at the link it’s pointed to: Kuler Solutions. Plus, I remember chatting with him a few years back- he definitely lived/lives in a small Louisiana town.

Yep he’s disappeared. Sent numerous emails/webforms with no answer. No bounces either mind you.

I’ve dug out all the old private email addresses I have for him. Everything bounces or far. :frowning:

Does anyone know his full name or DOB? I found a few obituaries for a Gary Byrd in Louisiana.