Where is the rapidweaver project on the hardrive It Is titled rapid weaver (apple)

I have saved as a project to my desk top and cannot find the rapidweaver default folder
where is it… It is not in users where is it located

Rapid weaver default folder?

The project is saved wherever You save it, and named whatever You named it.
The RW app (by default) is installed in your application folder, if you didn’t specify another location when you installed it.
If you open RW and go to addon’s you can see where they a stored (it’s different for different RW versions by default) since RW7? You can also specify that.
Local publishing/export folder is also specified by the user.

Have you also tried Spotlight - or even better HoudahSpot - to locate a fly or folder name which you know?

Yes I have tried that No Luck

A Project when saved defaults to a rapidweaver folder


When you (save as) you loose the folder default “rapidweaver”

I want to save to the default rapid weaver folder

How do I locate it?

Rapid weaver is set up by default to Rapidweaver folder when you install the program

Once you change the where to save to…. there is no option to reselect the rapidweaver default folder

If you can help]



There is no need to save projects to the default RW folder. In fact, there is no default location for saving projects. You save them where YOU want to save them, just like any other file.

I would not use a default folder. Sometimes, when you upgrade or uninstall a default folder or it’s contents might get overwritten or deleted. This might not be true for RW but I would not risk it…

I keep my RW project in a special folder (along with background info folders for future webpages, etc.) on my desktop. This way its alway backed up to the iCloud (and I have Time Machine on). But use Spotlight to search for .rw8 will find it.

Treat your RW project files like you treat any important ”document” on your computer. Where do you store your Numbers or Excel spreadsheets, or your Pages or Word documents?
You can organize them by software or by project or any way that works for you. Just make sure wherever you store them they get backed up and you know how to find them.

Does anyone know the proper file structure for Rapidweaver 8 latest version. I cannot find my addons folder, themes folder, stacks folder… everything hosed.

Maybe that’ll help.

I believe it can depend on the release and where you purchased from.

You can also change where you put the add-on folder.

You should be able to find it by going to the addons manager in preferences.

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