Getting Started - Best Location for establishing Projects Folders?

Hello! I’ve searched for most of the morning trying to find any mention of best practices for setting up a central projects folder BEFORE even opening up RapidWeaver for the 1st time. Lots of stuff on Plugin folders, and creating pages, but maybe I missed the very beginning basics of starting at square-1: where is the best location for establishing Rapidweaver Project folders before even opening up the program and then saving each project in a child folder?

Let’s say, for example, that you will have 3 websites (3 Rapidweaver Projects), and want them all in a Rapidweaver Projects root folder…where would be best for “My Rapidweaver Projects” root folder? On a NAS? Dropbox? Sync? or iCloud?

Any help or best practice advice will be appreciated!

I place them into a folder called websites in my documents folder. I do not place them into any cloud services, there have been a lot of reports of projects getting corrupted this way, so keep them local.


Thank you Jan! Would it be safe to assume then, that you do not have your Documents synced with iCloud?

I’ve never done that, but since installing Big Sur, I figured I’d try iCloud for Desktop and Documents, as well as Photos again. They all drove me crazy with Catalina, but we’ll see.

Thanks again,

I would not use it for my RW-projects. I normally zip them and then save them in the cloud for an additional backup. For iCloud, I only use the fotos option…

Got it. Ok, thanks again for your reply and the advice!

I have never relied upon any sort of “cloud” services and probably never will (for various reasons). Instead, I use a system that some call a “private cloud”.

It’s as simple as it can be. One 500GB SSD drive connected to my main computer via USB-3 (and powered by it). I have all things related to web development on that drive. That includes projects, all add-ons, resources and all supporting files.

When I want to switch between my main computer and my laptop (which doesn’t happen often), I simply unplug my SSD from the main computer and hook it up with my laptop.

The backup system is very important. I have all my projects backed up to my hosting server. Of course, I am also using Time Machine and other means of backing up.

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