Which add-ons require updating for RW7

Which add-ons/plug-ins require updating for RW7 (for update from RW6)? In particular:

  • YourHead’s Stacks?
  • Joe Workman’s Foundation Theme?
  • Joe Workman’s bundles of stacks for Foundation?
  • Others?

(It’s always aggravating to upgrade a product that also involves updating 3rd party plug-ins and add-ons.)

The latest version of Foundation theme is 1.7.1, which works in both RapidWeaver 6 and RapidWeaver 7. The stacks version is 1.7.6, again working in both versions of RapidWeaver.

Any Stacks 3 should work fine. The current version of Stacks v3.1 is best for RapidWeaver 7. We released v3.1 with a few cosmetic improvements yesterday.

pluskit formloom etc they will push the updates to you probably as in most stacks

Almost all plugins “just work” inside RapidWeaver 7.

The exception is Stacks 2 (the old version we stopped working on last summer – Stacks 3 works great, of course!!!) – which broke just recently with an API change (we’re working on that and should release a fix in a few hours).

But I have made small cosmetic fixes to almost every plugin. RapidWeaver 7 allows you to “float” the Info panel as a window – which is resizable. Some older versions of our plugins didn’t resize very nicely – so we fixed that. So they were not broken, but were not very nice to look at either. :stuck_out_tongue:

Most of those updates were released weeks ago, so most folks should already have them.


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