Why can't I set up to another site in my page sidebar?

When I highlight “click here” I cannot see the “link” button.

Try File New!

That would start a new project, wouldn’t it?

Another site is another project.

Are you just attempting to add a link in the sidebar area?

If I am not right…in iWeb…that is how you made a new site…so you were limited to just the sites in the left hand column.
In RapidWeaver each new project is a new website.
So you can have and unlimited number of sites.

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Yes. I use the sidebar to mention a few events and would like to setup a link to the events’ promoters website, but while in the main area I click on the link button to set up a link, I cannot see this button when I am editing the sidebar text.

If what you’re asking is how to set text to a link in a sidebar area(styled text). Then you enter the text first in the sidebar, then select the text you want to be the link(clickable) and choose the link button.

Thanks, but in the sentence “click here”, for example, when I select the word “here” the link button is “greyed out”, I mean, it does not respond and its colour is pale orange, not as the normal orange I get when setting up a link in the home page. This is the problem

Did you Paste the text in or type it in?

If you pasted it in, select the text and in the edit menu select clear formatting. then try to link

if that doesn’t do it you can always try just inserting a html link:

Click <a href="http://www.yahoo.com">here</a> to go to yahoo.


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