File Download Link in Theme Sidebar

Hello everyone. I have what is probably a simple answer but I did not see it addressed in the forum via a search. I am trying to figure out the way to link a PDF file so when the link is clicked on it will either download the PDF file or open it in a new window. I see how to make a link within Rapidweaver and open it in a new window but in this case I am trying to use the sidebar area and the linking feature in Rapidweaver 6.3.4 becomes disabled (inactive) in the sidebar.

It is linked as is but the PDF file will not download to a person’s desktop, nor does it open in a new window. I need it to do one or the other. As is, I’m concerned some folks won’t know to go backwards to the previous page and ditch the site.

The theme I am using, if it matters is Infinity. Great theme too. The website is located at:



My suggestion would be to employ something like PDF Embed or Embed in a regular Stacks page; then employ Houdini to place it in the Sidebar.


Yeah, the RW buttons for creating a hyperlink are disabled when you are working in the sidebar set to Stylized, but you can highlight a block of text (or other things like images), right-click and hit “Add link”. It opens the same drop down box and you just need to hit the check box for “Open in a New Window”.