Why does RapidWeaver crash when opening a file from iCloud?

My files are in iCloud. And when double click it Rapidweaver always crashes. If I use Open files inside Rapidweaver and choose the files, it is opening.

I think I found the problem. This is an extension problem. When you hide Extension from Get Info this crash happens.

@telepati very odd, looks like the file might be corrupted, this can sometimes happen if the file has been editor on two different machines at the same time/or the sync hasn’t finished from the other machine…

I’d suggest saving a new copy of it just to be one the safe side.

I don’t think so cause I just remove the hide extension checkmark and everything works. Also, this file is a backup file from the server.

Edit: I made a couple of tests. You should be right @dan. I created lots of new and demo themes and save them all into iCloud. And try to open directly from inside the iCloud. Looks everything works.

Thanks, man. :love_you_gesture:

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