Why mark down list changes font color


Anyone able to give quick fix why font changes color when using bullet or numbered list?
I would like to use numbered list.


I am always surprised why people think without a url to a live example such questions are able to be answered :wink:



Color or style changes has nothing to do with Markdown. Ordered and unordered lists are a specific html elements, so it’s probably the theme you are using that’s applying CSS to style them that way.

As Jannis said, without a URL to at least a test page with the issue it’s impossible to get help.


Thanks, guys! I felt that gently whip and for a good reason :blush:
I was sure that I had just a syntax error… or however it is said that I didn’t use Mark Down correctly.

  1. My_text
  2. My_text
    changed color

Just using

  1. My_text 2 x space
  2. My_text 2 x space
    worked well

I am using ready made project,
Something to do with that
CustomClass: Whitemarkdown + 1. messing class?

All well now


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