Will the website built on rapidweaver work on all softwares other than MAC OS?

I am planning to purchase the RapidWeaver 8 on my App Store, wanted to understand about the functioning of Websites built on this application will work as like other websites or will it work only on MAC systems?

Someone, please answer my question!

It doesn’t matter what platform your website is built on. Once it is published (uploaded) to the Internet server, it can be viewed on any platform and any device, like PCs, tablets and phones.

Of course, there are some incompatibilities and inconsistencies—mostly with old versions of MS Internet Explorer. That’s why we should test our site for those inconsistencies before (and after) it goes “live”. Also, building for mobile first is a strategy a lot of us use, because sites built for desktops will very often look very disappointingly on small screens.

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@Rovertek is absolutely right. You will get mostly a HTML, CSS and Java code which is viewable in any Browser. One thing to have in mind which isn’t specific to RW is that, if you use Animations or other new features which are specific to the HTML 5 standard there are still old Browser out there which can’t display HTML 5 code. So if you want to build for a specific Browser which isn’t one of the standard Web-Browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Fire Fox, Safari and so on pleas check if this Browser can read HTML 5 or not.
Otherwise you are good to go :slight_smile:

Thank You … Thanks a lot Mr.Joels. It’s very kind of you.

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Thank You Mr. Rovertek, Thanks alot for clarifying my doubt, It’s very Nice of you.

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