Will there be an Addon Pack 3 for foundation?

Is that it for the addon packs?

Probably no additional add-on packs, but I could be wrong. There was talk about possibly doing a menu add-on pack, but I have not heard where that is if it is even being developed yet.

The work will be starting soon for Foundation 6 for RapidWeaver and that will be something completely different than Foundation for RapidWeaver. You will be able to build with both side by side. No ETA on when this will be out, but hopefully we will start beta testing soon.

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Menu addon pack would be welcomed…Foundation 6…more toys to play with!


Yeah, it was me who complained that despite Joe’s professing superior customer service, there are known bugs in his stacks that are not being addressed. The stacks in question, in my particular case, are not old at all. They are Screens and Impact, both of which he advertises to work uncommonly well together.

In response to my post, I was advised that solving those issues was not his priority. Perhaps it was just me that was not his priority. Given the amount of time, money, blood, sweat, and tears that I have invested in his software, that answer was particularly offensive.

And then, to add insult to injury, Joe’s inappropriate, unprofessional response gets all these “likes” on his own forum Weavers.Space. What is to like, I wonder, about not dealing with known bugs because you are allegedly too busy? Not too busy, it appears, to create new stuff to sell at increasingly astronomical prices…just too busy to support the products for which people have already paid good money for.

If I could I would triple like this.

Impact is advertised to work with Screens as a way to add background slideshows and video to Screens pages. This is not how you are using it.

Do I plan on trying to fix the bug that you have found? Yes. Have an absolutely wonderful day!

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Foundation 6 for Rapidweaver will be coming this year. At least that is the plan. It will replace the existing Foundation offering. The new version will actually not have any add on packs. It will be sold as one set. It will be awesome.


4 edits to get the hyperbole juuuuust right. :sunglasses:

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Totally modular dude! :surfer:

Hey @joeworkman, that is great news! Any thoughts yet on what the pricing model will be for those of us who have already purchased Foundation?

There will be an discounted upgrade. I honestly don’t have any numbers set in stone on that right now.

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That’s all I needed to know, I’m putting my name down. :slight_smile: Thanks.

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Impact is advertised to work with Screens as a way to add background slideshows and video to Screens pages. This is not how you are using it.

In point of fact, that is precisely how I was using it. And by the way, there are not one but two bugs that I reported relative to Screens/Impact, neither of which has been addressed. Those case numbers are #25511 and #25575.

Have a nice day, yourself.


You call it hyperbole? Really?

I guess that means you think it’s all right to pay for software, work your ass off to create an attractive site, and then find out that the software is buggy?

Is that what you really think, Mr. Bostick? Well, I’m certainly glad that you are not a developer.

This is not my perception from looking at the tickets again. Both issues were about animation of the header. Instead of hijacking this thread with a completely unrelated topic, please shoot in another support email or start a new thread.



Sorry to rain on the Workman parade, but since you have so effectively rained on my website parade, perhaps fair is fair.

I am not “hijacking” this thread at all. SteveB brought up the point earlier that if you were so over extended that you did not have the time to properly address bugs, how was it possible for you to constantly come out with new software, and address any possible issues that may arise from those.

I obviously agree with that assessment.

As you are aware, I have reported two issues to you, and supplied you with the case numbers. What point is there in opening up a new ticket? You already know what’s in it.

For the record, the first issue has to do with the header, whether animated or not, not able to center in mobile mode. After showing up in the right place for about a nanosecond, it takes a wild swing to the right.

This is what Andrew Tavernor had to say about the problem, after you apparently forwarded him the case:

Funny, just as I got your email I got a message from Joe and Robb asking me to look at the problem with Screens and Impact.

Something funky is definitely going on - I can even make it happen without either Will’s FadeIn or the Screens Animate stack.

I think that it is related to the way that Impact scales when in Proportional mode and the way that Screens is trying to do the same. This is why, if you reload the page with a small browser, it scales correctly. Then when you widen the browser, all is fine. Making it smaller again though seems to get stuck at the column max-width. It is almost as though Screens is looking at Impact, and Impact is looking at Screens and neither wants to get any narrower.

The second issue has to do with animated elements in general, not specifically headers, not working in either Firefox or Chrome on the desktop.

My very distinct impression is that both these issues have gone into some very big bug basket on the floor, while you pursue more lucrative avenues. You have specifically not offered on ETA on either problem, nor any assurance that you are even addressing them. In the meantime, the Workman Groupies work overtime.

In point of fact, that is precisely how I was using it.

To be perfectly fair and neutral here this is not how you were using it. Impact was in a 1-col set to proportional size and was not set as a full size hero background for the Screens Page stack.



With all due respect, the ability to restrict the width of any given element in built into Foundation. It should work.

And it does in both Desktop and Tablet mode, but not in Mobile.

Bug? Yes indeed.

I thought that this thread was about Foundation Add-on Pack 3? Hijacking a thread is a common forum term for changing the subject of a thread. It was not meant as an attack on you whatsoever. You seem to be determined to continue on this thread. Sorry to everyone else…

@tav is a member of my team. So I chat with him pretty much everyday. You were using some of his stacks on the page. Plus he was instrumental in the development of both Impact and Screens.

Let me address your issues…

Centered Header on Mobile

The problem here is how Apple has implemented the browser UI compared to the webpage content. Safari on iOS returns the height of the browser viewport as the visible section + the browser toolbars. Because of this when our code determines the center of the viewport, it looks off because Apple is not truly returning the actual viewport size. They have good reasons for doing this. However, it makes things much more difficult on us developers. As you probably know iOS 10 is just around the corner. I have heard that this behavior may change again. Therefore, I am waiting to see how Apple decides to do in iOS 10. Anytime that I spend on this now could be a waste 1 month from now. I want to fix this the correct way.

So as you can see, I am not just not ignoring your issue. I have put a lot of thought into it. I have more reasons that I don’t need to go into or justify here.

As a workaround, turn off centered content right now. On mobile simply add a top margin to the content so that it looks better. Or you can use something like Target to position the content 40% or whatever looks good from the top.

Animation on Chrome and Firefox

This bug has plagued us for a long time. I cannot even tell you how much time has been spent on this. It works on some people’s machines and not on others. I won’t go into the technical details but its suffice to say that its complex. Have I given up? No.

I am sorry that you are affected by these glitches. Hopefully the workaround that I suggested works of you.

Now I have to ship a few updates before I hangout with my groupies on the weekly Friday RapidWeaver Hangouts. Everyone is welcome to join… https://weavers.space/s/general/calendar/view/index


I did take them up directly, Steve, both in this post, in previous posts, on Weavers.Space and communicating directly with Workman Support.

And not to overstate the obvious, but you did make that comment that you are now backing off from:

Has Joe plans to expand his team?

I ask, because he recently said he’s already trying to clone himself, I took from that because one person can’t cope with all the current stacks (it was in reply to an older stack not having been been updated, de-bugged or summit). Another version of Foundation would compound the problem?

Unfortunately, it is not until I belabored these issues some would say ad nauseam, that I received any kind of reasonable explanation from Mr. Workman. It only took a month of being misled and misdirected. Why did I not receive the above response from the git go?

Only your esteemed 100% guys seem to know.

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